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Can Of Worms has opened up a real Can of Worms

There’s a new TV show coming on tele next week. It’s called Can Of Worms and there’s been a lot of publicity surrounding the program. Dicko is hosting it, remember him, he was the bad judge on Australian Idol and he did a damn good job of it. He also told Paulini (an Idol contestant) that she was a bit of a fatty, Dicko loves a bit of controversy. The press and public crucified him and this was pre-twitter. Anyway, Can of Worms is leading with the header of “Is it Okay to tell your kids there’s no God?”. I’m sure this is designed to generate discussion and controversy and I welcome the chance to tackle some of the bigger questions in life BUT let’s look at this big question. It’s a pretty obvious question isn’t it…..I mean. Yes, it’s okay to tell your kids there’s no God….if you’re an atheist.

If you’re a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or other then perhaps it’s not ok to tell the kids there’s no God, because to religious people,  there is a God. I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out. Perhaps the question could have been, “It is okay to discuss religion with your kids” or “Is it okay to give your kids a choice when it comes to religion?” but is it okay to tell your kids there’s no God is a little akin to discussing the guy in the big red suit. It’s throwing a bomb and many parents have had to catch it before it goes off.

I find this question itself and the way it’s been put ‘out there’ controversial enough. Well in my house a least. You see I have 4 kids, the eldest two attend a Catholic Primary school. Whilst I’d love to say I’m a good Church going Catholic, I’m possibly a part-time Catholic on the church thing but a practising “be good to your mother, don’t hit your brother, don’t steal, lie or cheat” apply Christian living values type of Mum. Nonetheless, my kids attend a Catholic school because we are Catholic and I attended a Catholic Primary school and ended up ok, so the choice to send the kids to Catholic primary was based on our own upbringing.

I’m not sure if my kids came across this message that’s being put out there by Can of Worms or if this is purely co-incidental but on a long haul trip in the car over the weekend my 5 and 6 year olds started an argument in the car that went something like this:

Mr 5: “Is God real”
Mr 6: “Of course he’s real, he was Jesus Dad”
Mr 5: “Well if he was real, who was God married to?”
Mr 6: “I don’t think he was married, I think Mary was Jesus Mum but they never got married”
Mr 5: “I think God was married to the Angel Gabrielle”
Mr 6: “I think he was a single Dad”
Mr 5: “Mum, was God married? Who was he married to”
Me: “Um……..”

This argument/discussion went on and on for two hours. It was smart, intelligent and logical.

Yet again, stumped by a 5 and 6 year old. As I made a mental note to ask my Mum how to answer this for next time, I thought about if it was okay to tell your kids there is no God…….with the upbringing my kids are having they would have about 10 reasons to come back to me with why there is a God. They’re smart little people and whilst I respect everyone’s right to have their own beliefs, we should possibly leave it to the parents of each child to share those beliefs with them.

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