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How a Mum with 7 kids stays organised

 I made a new friend at my kids school this year. I have to say that I don’t go out of my way to try to make friends with the Mum’s at school. This is not because they’re not fabulous women but because I work full-time I have an ever increasing level of guilt when they all catch up for coffee and lunches, the gym and playdates and I continually have to reply to SMS’s with “sorry, have a meeting”. I always feel like I’m letting team motherhood down. I’m am so touched that they still remember or try to invite me despite knowing that I’m likely to be battling the M2 at the time they’re getting to coffee (the M2 is a hideously slow and expensive toll road leading in and out of the city in Sydney).

Occasionally I will meet a Mum whom I just can’t help but want to be BFF’s with. My new friend Louise is one of those Mum’s. She is not only a teacher (I think teachers are the most amazing people in the entire world, ever, ever ever) but Louise has 7 children. Yup – 7 CHILDREN! And she is calm and she loves all of them! She is possibly one of the most amazing women I have ever met. I’m SURE she’s sick and tired of being introduced as “Louise who has 7 children” but you can’t help but state is when introducing her to others, I mean, she’s almost up there with Mother Theresa.

I was at Lollipops on Sunday with my tribe of 4 and as I do on weekends, I was without makeup and trying to let my skin breathe so looking like total crapola whilst chasing Mr 1 through the maze of 4 and 5 year olds who were stepping on his hands as he crawled through the crowds and in walked Louise, mother of 7. She looked hot. Seriously, sunnies on, knee high boots and and the coolest trench coat ever. I asked her what she was doing there and she casually replied that she was dropping off her year 2 daughter to a party. Can you IMAGINE how many parties she has had to drop off to and pick up from? Everywhere I go, Louise is there, but looking much calmer and in control than me. So, one day recently at a day at the park (that Louise had organised) I asked her: “How on earth do you stay organised with so many kids?” She gave me a brief insight:

1. They built a bench in their garage with 7 drawers where every child puts their school shoes, hat and bag after school so that they never get lost. CLEVER

2. She has NO drawers. Nothing gets put in drawers except undies and socks. Everything else is on hangers. She had double hanging space put up in all the kids wardrobes. When she yells out “HANGERS” to the kids, they all run up to their rooms and get all the empty hangers from their wardrobes. She hangs everything on the hangers wet and has two lines, one in the garage and one outside so that washing can dry all the time. Once it’s dry the kids take their own clothes upstairs and hang it up in their wardrobes. She does no ironing and believes that because all the clothes are on hangers, everything gets worn regularly. CLEVER

3 .She also does something very clever with socks but I can’t remember at the moment so will get more tips from her and post more!

Following the hanger advice, I went out today and spent a small fortune at Kmart buying up the black and white hangers in the hope that putting Mr 6, Mr 5, Miss 3 and Mr 1’s clothes on hangers would work…..problem was, I didn’t buy enough, so now need tips from Louise on how to get to the shops without the kids to buy more hangers!

Very keen to hear everyone else’s tips on how to stay organised!

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