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Nappies: Huggies Remain Unbeatable

It only makes sense that our first product recommendation is one of the first things you put on your baby after they’re born. Nappies.

I’ve been buying nappies for 6 years straight now which, over 4 kids and about $20 a week and a few years where I had 3 in nappies at the same time, comes to about $10,000 OVER 6 YEARS! Yup, that’s a pretty fancy holiday that I’ve spent trying to keep my kids bums dry. During those 6 years, I’ve been poor and I’ve had some cash in the bank so I’ve tried every single nappy on the market depending on financial circumstances and convenience. I’ve even had family members bring over nappy pants from Japan prior to Huggies in Australia launching their own range (obsessed much?). Coming in a close second would be Aldi’s home brand of nappy, one of the reasons I don’t use them all the time (because they are cheap) is that Aldi is too much of a s&*t fight to go to on a regular basis. I need a takeaway coffee, no kids and a few deep breaths to tackle an Aldi store these days.

Anyway, I’m a firm believer in the power of brands and when I walk into the clean smelling maternity ward to give birth and the Huggies nappies are sitting in the delivery room ready to wrap that tiny bottom up once baby is born, well, I’m hooked. If it’s good enough for the maternity hospital, that’s enough endorsement for me. I heard from a friend who works in marketing that Huggies provide free newborn nappies to almost every maternity hospital in Australia for free because their strategy is to get Mum’s hooked on them believing they’re the best and only thing to use for your newborn. How clever! I wonder how many Mum’s stick with Huggies for that same reason?

Anyway, I digress. Huggies and I have been through a lot. You see I have a fear of poo. Not just dog poo or bird poo, I have a real fear of human poo, little people and big people’s poo. It’s just not my thing. I know Mum’s usually say “oh but it’s so different when it’s your own child” but for me, it’s not. It’s still poo and I’m not a fan at all. For someone who has 4 kids, I surprise myself at my inability to reconcile that a bum needs changing, I actually have to hype myself up for a nappy change. A few deep breaths and psyching myself up takes place each and every time I have to do it. I’ve often wondered what’s wrong with me, does anyone else feel like this? Nappies are more important to me than food, coffee and sleep. One leakage and you can hear me scream for miles. In fact, I’ve been known to call hubby at work in the past to come and change an exploding nappy – uh huh. So having tried a number of brands of nappies based on price, leakage, size, quality and consistency, I can 100% recommend that whilst they’re slightly more pricey (unless you can get them on special somewhere and we’ll post EVERY nappy special we can find for you!) Huggies nappies are worth every cent.

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