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Tips for Mums: Frozen Sandwiches





It seems a few Mum’s are keen for as many organisational tips as possible so we’re keen to get as many tips and advice as possible from Mum’s who try their best to stay organised.

Now if you’re anything like me, you spend 1/2 hour each morning yelling at children to “get your shoes on”, I think last week I asked about 23 times in 15 minutes.  I don’t understand why kids don’t want to do something as simple as putting shoes on but it always seems to be a major task.

Add to that a screaming baby who wants toast “NOW”, a pre-school kid whinging  “I don’t want to go to pre-school today” and the dreaded lunches. Far out, the lunches.

I have at least 16 years of lunches left so to be over it after a mere two years is pathetic really. I struggle on lunches. I’m desperate for Mr 5 and 6 just  one day to ask me for an avocado, ham and cheese sandwich on multigrain but alas, every single day of the week one wants vegemite, the other wants cheese. Last week I stuffed up who got what and yep, neither kid ate the other’s sandwich, nor did they find eat other in the playground and say “did Mum give you my lunch?” nope, not my kids, they both bought the incorrect offending sandwich home with them and went hungry. My kids all have eating disorders, that is, they are such fussy eaters that cooking for them is a mix of 2 types of veges, carbs (pasta), cheese and the occassional red or white meat option. But not on sandwiches thank you very much. Nope, my kids are as boring as it gets with sandwiches. Making the same sandwiches each day makes me feel the most severe mother guilt. I want to send a note with the kids each day to their teachers saying “I would love them to eat lettuce but they claim to be allergic to lettuce, I’m so sorry”. So when discussing this with other Mums it was suggested that I pre-make the boring vegemite/cheese sambos each Monday and freeze them. That way you can just pull them out of the freezer each morning. What a time saver I thought! I’m yet to try it as I still have flash backs of soggy tomato sandwiches from the 80’s and have a fear that the same thing will happen to make the bread soggy but thought it was a good tip to pass onto others who may have the same “Argh” moments each morning as they’re battling shoes, school ties, hats, matching socks and ‘where’s your homework sheet?’ issues. 

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