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Amazing You Tube Video No1 – Pixiwoo

Pixiwoo You Tube Channel

Have you ever been sucked into the You Tube vortex? That’s when you search for one thing and you end up spending HOURS watching videos of dancing cats and “Charlie bit my finger” and hitting the ‘next’ button. I still love the “Charlie” video, I will never tire of it. One of the gang in our office was telling us that Charlie’s parent’s have allegedly made over 100,000 pounds from sharing ad revenue with You Tube. Not bad cash for a home video. It makes me wish I had a camera and You Tube channel  the day my kids put on “Angry Birds, The Official Puppet Show” comical doesn’t cover it. Oh well, next time perhaps.

I was searching online for something work related last week, an update on Kim Kardashian’s marital status (closet fan, yes, don’t judge. It really was for work) when I got sucked into the vortex and came across some fascinating videos. Make Up tutorials. They’re new black or perhaps I’m behind the times and they’ve been the new black for ages but being as behind the times as I am, these FASCINATED me, the transformations were one thing but learning that all the make up brushes I owned actually had a specific purpose nearly sent me over the edge, seriously.

The best video I found was from Sam and Nicole from Pixiwoo and they have their own You Tube channel (which is a big like their own TV show on You Tube), they’re Mums, sisters and make up artists from the UK. They’re relatable, down to earth and real. They have 70,886 Facebook fans, 13,871 people follow their blog and each of their videos gets about 200,000 views, not bad for an amateur video put together in a non-studio with just a camera and white background. Bravo to them! They’ve created an incredible brand.

For a peek at the video that I found fascinating, click on the video 


I dare you not to be sucked in and watch a few more than you intended (the punk and drag ones are incredible – check their You Tube Channel for more)

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