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Huh? The Presidents Ladies? Since When?

This was the headline on one of Australia’s top news sites before I went home from work last night. The President of the United States of America visits Australia and the best we can do for a headline is “The President’s Ladies”. WTF? Since when were they his ‘ladies’?

Firstly, I’m not a feminist, far from it. I’m open about the fact that despite being a working Mum who wants to conquer the world, my real, first and only job should be at home caring for my kids, it hasn’t worked out that way but it never does. Anyway, I just think these women deserve the same respect a bloke would get being in that position. I wonder if News would have put the headline as “The Boys Club” if he were meeting John Howard and Kim Beasley? Doubt it. Seriously, since when did being greeted by our PM and Governor General have to be headlined with them being his ladies? It’s a little uncreative. It’s no wonder Julia Gillard spends a lot of time thinking the media have it out for her with headlines like this.

These woman (no matter what you think of them) represent the HIGHEST offices in the land. A bit of respect please. Yes, I realise this means I have to eat a lot of humble pie as I too am guilty of taking the piss out of her accent, boyfriend, clothing and incorrect pronunciation of many words but I shudder a tad when women are made to feel like women when they’re doing the same job a bloke would normally do.

They are not the “President’s Ladies” – they’re our Prime Minister and our Governor General and I don’t think he walked down the stairs of Air Force one and thought “How ya do’in ladies!”. I think (I could be wrong) that we’re a bit over the obvious headlines when Julia Gillard is put in a situation meeting with world leaders where it’s very obvious that she’s got boobs. Can’t we just ignore that and move onto the more important stuff? Like, is she doing a good job?

I also loved the non-hype around UK Prime Minister James Cameron apparently causing an international incident by taking the piss out of Julia at a recent meeting. He was making a speech in England to all the rich ladies and lords and in a pathetic attempt to be humorous, he said Julia had said  “This is good news for Sheilas everywhere.’ whilst referring to Kate and Will’s firstborn child (if it’s a girl, she’s now allowed to be Queen. How modern of them!). There was no furore, it simple reeked of fat rich people chortling on their cabernet savignon at the dear little peasant people with the female sheila PM down under and the victory for women the world over that the UK had handed to them, a female could be heir to the throne. Move on….should have been done decades ago.

Here’s the latest video doing the rounds, it’s the Italian PM checking out Julia at the G20 – seriously, having a good ole perve. He’s just resigned hasn’t he? Hmm….no explanation needed.

Hope Obama had a lovely time in Canberra, seriously, it’s such a lovely place. How clever of us to invite the President to check out our fascinating, picturesque and exciting Capital given he’s only here for a few hours (yes, I’m being sarcastic). With all that cavalry, back up, bullet proof people, personal chefs, armoured cars and aircraft, couldn’t he have flown into Sydney Harbour via sea plane and had a meeting at Kirribilli House. Perhaps that would have been more in line with how “Ladies” would entertain a visiting guest.

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