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Amazing You Tube Video No 2 – Merton, the Chat Roulette guy

All parents need to be aware of a website called Chat Roulette. Basically it was originally designed so that you turned your webcam on and you could talk to people face to face from all over the world. If you didn’t like the conversation, you simply clicked ‘next’ and moved onto the next person. Sadly the site has been hijacked by complete weirdos and the majority of people on the site now whip out their nether regions and get their rocks off from showing you parts of their body you’re not interested in. It all happens faster than you can say ‘Hi’.

It’s scary but there are a LOT of teens on this site, usually with a friend and often in disguise so that Mum/Dad/teachers won’t know it’s them if anything is recorded by the person on the other end. This could explain so much but that’s a separate topic entirely. If you are the parent of a child who does have access to the internet, it is important that you are aware of the site and its dangers. Most schools actively help and tell parents to not let their kids near the site. There are however upsides to many bad things and a guy called Merton is the answer. He gets onto the site and improvises songs about what he sees and then posts to You Tube. This video has had 9 million hits and he’s got many others, I’ve watched them all and they’re very amusing. He’s slightly famous now and has filmed ads in the USA and UK, he’s a clever guy and quite comical at times…..enjoy (You need to read the text on the screen as well as the music so if you can’t read it below, click on the you tube link here!

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