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Do You Think Your Partner Is Hot?

Now HERE’s an interesting question!

Do you think your partner is hot? When I say hot I mean really, really good looking.

The question came up in the offiice recently as we were discussing current partners, husbands and ex-boyfriends and their hotness factor. I’ve always thought my other half was hot, my problem is that I’m convinced everyone else does too so the green eyed jealousy monster can come out at the most inappropriate times but women who crack onto married men is a separate post entirely so more about that one later!

Back to the hotness of other people’s partners:

One person who shall remain nameless said; “If you told me ages ago that I’d be going out with him, I wouldn’t believe you, he’s not good looking at all”. This astounded me and we all laughed our heads off at the thought that you could be in love with someone you weren’t THAT physically attracted to.

With 6 women in the office today, we continued the discussion and the girls responses were hilarious.

“I definitely didn’t fall in love with looks, I think I fell in love with his funny side” – said Miss U

“I don’t want my partner to be too hot, it means I would have to keep up with his hotness factor and I can’t be bothered” – said Miss V

“I find certain aspects of him hot but I know that no one else does” – Said Miss W

“I think you need to be with someone in the same hotness zone as you. For example, I always used to fall for guys that were too hot for me, they would dump me a day after a night out. I was punching above my weight. I’ve ended up with someone who’s on par with my looks, he’s ended up staying around” – Said Miss X

“I’ve never dated anyone who’s hot” – admitted another

“Love is blind, especially when you’re drunk when you meet” the conversation went on but the over riding consensus was that chicks see past looks alone and fall in love with so much more than just the physical look of a person.

“I never date guys based on their looks but I did dump a guy once because he couldn’t drive a manual car” This is a friend of mine who also names her dates things like Silver Shoes (an Eastern European who was thrown out of her house because she realised he was wearing silver glittery shoes). She explained today that  has decided not to date another guy this week because his hands are too clean. She could seriously have her own television show.

“I end up with people like myself because I like going to the gym and being fit so it matters to me because I like to go running with my partner” explained one of my friends who is a native New Yorker (I was mentally wondering if the same thing applied to hubby and I because we both like pizza) Her world is vastly different to ours. She explained the dating scene in New York is much more serious and looks are more important than anything in the ever competitive meat market of NYC. She explained that it’s unusual to see an overweight guy who doesn’t take care of himself in New York. It’s all about looks, the quality of the date and how you’re physically attracted to that person. Apparently not so much in Australia.

In typical fashion, the resident bloke in the office was asked if looks matter “Hell Yeah” he said. “There’s no way I would ever go out with someone who’s not hot?”

That explains it all really, girls don’t always think their partners are hot (but would NEVER tell them that). And boys, well, boys will be boys. It’s always going to matter to them!

Tell us below, do you think your partner is hot?

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