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The Best iphone Apps for Social Media

I can’t tell you how often “who can recommend some good iphone apps” pop up on my facebook news feed. Everyone has great suggestions and most people I know can’t live without their iphone. With the exception of the one’s we all use all the time, eg: Facebook, I thought it was worth making some recommendations and telling you why they’re good:


Social Media Apps


Foodspotting – You log into this app wherever you are to find restaurants, places to eat and phenomenal pictures of food nearby. It’s also a great app for those people who just love taking pictures of the food they’re eating at restaurants. At least you know the people you’re posting to are interested in the pics.



Twelevision – An application that links to twitter and tells you what’s on tele right now and what people are saying about that show. Very instant and up to date information without having to search for hashtags.




Social Score – Obsessed with what your influence over other people on Facebook and Twitter is? Enter your Facebook or Twitter profile details and it will tell you what your Social Score is, the type of person you are and who you influence. You can do this online too at




HeyTell – Just discovered this one, it’s incredible. If you’re like me and you NEVER listen to your voicemail messages, this is a voice message app that allows you to quickly leave a voice message for someone and they can reply without having to make a phone call. Download it and try.




Groupon –  For lovers of a bargain, make sure you never miss the latest deals online. You can buy on your mobile as well.




Coming soon, best apps for money, photography, news, lifestyle, games and travel.  

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