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Are Australian’s Obsessed With the Weather?







Would it surprise you that some of the most ‘clicked on’ pages online are the weather forecasts? It got us thinking about weather and how obsessed Australian’s are with weather. We whinge about the weather when it’s hot and when it’s cold. I have friends all over the world and it’s only the Aussies who ever seem to comment on social media networks consistently about the weather, why?

When it’s too hot to go to the beach we whinge and when it’s cold and raining we whinge. If there’s a drought we pray for rain and when the rain doesn’t stop and we’re flooded, we’re begging for sun.  This morning when I walked into the office I said “what a beautiful day” and Josi responded, “yeah but it’s going to rain on Thursday”. We are often so lucky with the weather in this country that when the temp is over 35 degrees celsius we can’t cope with the heat and when it rains we all want to move country. The weather matches our mood and is is a serious talking point. In our office we can discuss the trip home in the rain and the inconvenience it caused for at least half an hour.

On the Apple app store there are a gazillion weather apps that you can download for the most up to date weather and information on everything from earthquakes, wind calculators to rain measurements. I myself have a huge number of weather apps on my phone which I check regularly, On really hot days I spend every half hour calling 1196 (which is only about 30c I think) and it tells me the actual temp in my local area right there and then. It’s insane really, it doesn’t make me feel any hotter but I like to know how hot I should be feeling.

The smell of a bushfire makes me turn to complete custard and I start packing up photo albums and precious things and I panic when the pool starts to look like it’s overflowing. Perhaps we are extreme in our weather obsession because our weather is relatively extreme. We don’t have snow, that’s about all that’s missing. Where we live we’re exposed to all types of weather,  hot, cold, hail, thunder, flooding,  bushfires and even sleet but no snow. And where’s the one place my family would love to live? Somewhere near the snow. I guess you always want what you don’t have!

I have a number of mates who are self confessed weather geeks, not by profession but they are hard core weather fanatics. At any stage they can tell you the humidity in the air, the chance of rain and what the forecast is for wherever you are headed. The moment an earthquake occurs they can tell me the direction any possible tsunami is going to head and if its headed our way. Minutes an aftershock occurs in Christchurch NZ or Japan, they can tell me the exact measurement and force of the aftershock. If you ask the question of your friends, I guarantee there’s a weather fanatic amongst them, it’s more common than we think.

My own fascination with the weather is not limited by the question of whether it’s beach weather today. The extremity of weather and nature and what it can do, fascinates and saddens me. When I first went flatting with friends, I had a poster on my wall called The Lighthouse. I was fascinated by the fury of the waves and how fierce the ocean could be. I recently found a You Tube video which explained what happened to my man in the lighthouse, it’s incredible and worth a watch.



And then we find ourselves watching unbelievable footage of the Japan Tsunami. The footage below is something I find myself watching over and over. It is some of the most powerful video footage ever shot of the power of Mother Nature. The tsunami was furious and unapologetic about who and what was in its path. It’s important to remember all the hot days in the world are actually something we should be grateful for when we look at footage like this and the Boxing Day Tsunami footage.



And for all the men and women at sea, seeing this footage makes us all realise how much the elements are in the drivers seat when it comes to the oceans.



Just watch and listen to how much we talk about the weather, then think of the poor buggers in London who go to the park and actually move their picnic as the sun moves or those same people who, in winter, go outside to get a coffee in the DARK at 3pm in the afternoon……we don’t have it so bad really, do we!


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