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I’ve Liked Too Many Brands On Facebook and Now I’ve Lost My Friends

Somewhere between 2009 and 2011 Facebook gave us the ability to “LIKE” a brand on Facebook. In that same time, those brands got a gazillion people liking them. To give you an idea, here’s a picture below of the most liked brands on Facebook and yes, Lady Gaga actually has 45 million people worldwide worshiping her every Facebook update:

















Brands and personalities have figured that they can talk directly to us because we like them. What that meant was that their updates appear in our newsfeeds and some brands don’t know when to shut up or what’s interesting to me (Yes, I know, many of you are screaming GUILTY right now).

Not sure about you but my friends updates are now lost in between news updates from Fashion retailers to News sites begging for that all important ‘Click”. The battle for advertising and eyeballs is no longer sitting just with TV audiences and magazines. It appears the only way brands can get us to move away from Facebook is to post something fascinating on Facebook and begging us to “ClICK HERE” and Like Us for more. Here’s an example of my own News Feed 10 minutes ago:




















We’re guilty of this too, I was looking at the Mum Network site stats which have been incredible over the last week but 90% of our traffic is coming from Facebook, it’s possibly because our URL is hardly enticing or memorable at the moment and secondly, if it wasn’t on Facebook, you may not be reading this right now. Facebook really is ruling the world at the moment. It was reported today that Facebook could go public as early as 2012 (it’s still a privately owned business which is why founder Mark Zuckerberg is an on paper gazillionare) and once listed on the stockmarket, will be valued at over 100 BILLION dollars. So all that ‘liking and clicking you’re doing has an enormous value to Facebook and its clients.

When I look at Facebook though, it appears I’ve lost my friends. I didn’t meant to like so many brands online and now my newsfeed is just clutter. I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK and I can’t work out if there’s an “I don’t like you anymore” button.

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