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My Tram Experience – Foul Video Goes Viral *Warning – VERY BAD LANGUAGE

A appalling video called “My Tram Experience” which was posted on You Tube on Sunday night Sunday night (AEST: Monday morning) has gone viral and incited outrage at a woman who screams and rants racist taunts in one of the worst displays of racism. The video has had over 800,000 views and has gone viral and has become a trending topic on twitter. Naturally people are outraged and so they should be. The Mirror online in the UK has reported that the woman has been arrested. Possibly a good thing (Do not watch at work or around young children, please).

The Mirror said:

A woman has been arrested as police investigate a vile racist rant on a tram.

Police were told about the YouTube video called My Tram Experience, in which a woman with a child on her knee launches a foul-mouthed tirade against her fellow travellers.

Swearing repeatedly in the two-and-a-half minute video, she accuses others on the Croydon Tramlink of not being British.

Viewers disgusted at her comments brought it to the attention of the British Transport Police.

The BTP tonight said on their Twitter account: “We’ve arrested a 34yo woman for racially aggravated public order offence as a result of #mytramexperience video brought to our attn.”

The astonishing footage was posted on YouTube yesterday and had had 124,973 views by 5.30pm today.

Disbelieving viewers left comments on the video sharing website.

One said: “She makes me furious”, while another posted: “So much hate, actually ashamed to be British.”

Racist Rant on the Croydon Tram link

The woman begins her x-rated outburst with “What has this country come to?”, before turning to a passenger, saying: “You ain’t English”.

Racist Rant on the Croydon Tram link

Woman (right) mum to stop swearing in front of kids

She then ignores a polite request from a second traveller to stop swearing in front of the children on the tram.

Racist Rant on the Croydon Tram link

A second woman traveller objects to the insults

And the mum’s sickening rant then goes into overdrive as she insults more passengers.

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