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Poor Kid has Big Hair and Gets Threatened with Expulsion .




















This isn’t even a joking matter, but it kind of is. Well maybe it’s not but as someone with big hair. I can totally relate.

13 year old Billal Zraika was ordered away from school until he changed his fro hairstyle. What’s even more unbelievable is that his father  Mazen Zraika is taking the Australian Islamic College in Rooty Hill to court over the treatment of his son.

After six months of asking him to cut his hair, apparently his parents were sent a letter in April advising that he would be suspended from school until he cut his hair into a style that wasn’t in breach of it’s appearance code. He cut off all his beautiful locks to avoid expulsion. The Principal Yasmin Gamieldien told the family the hairstyle was deemed a “mop” and needed to be cut shorter.

But his Dad says Billal – who is of Lebanese and Ethiopian descent – was simply being punished for his natural hairstyle.

“His mum Mary is Ethiopian so it’s not his fault he’s got the fuzzy hair,” Mr Zraika said.

Well that much is 100% true.

However, I don’t understand the notion of people taking each other to court unless it’s for a really really big deal. I was bullied as a kid too but I’m not going to be dishing up a court order to my old high school because I had big hair (Proof is coming) but in the free land we live in, each to their own. Obviously this is a matter of principle and his Dad thinks he’s been damaged by what has occurred and someone has to pay for that damage.

I do feel this kid’s pain completely. Schools can be harsh places but let’s face it, the kid has big hair and he looks awesome, it’s a fro that even Guy Sebastian would be proud of. He’s not done anything to it to make it that way. There’s no pink dye, it’s not shaved up one side, he doesn’t look like Justin Beiber with fringe over his eyes, he has a FRO and it’s eu natural.

As a fellow being with enormous hair that I cannot control, I’ve been abused time and time again over my hair. I recall once being in a hairdresser in Belgium (yep, Europe) and saying to the hairdresser, ‘good luck, I have very thick hair”, he replied in a very thick French accent “oh no no no, it’s not zat thick, it’s much worse zan that, it’s like horses hair, the worst I’ve ever seen” Merci, dickhead. I was 15 years old, it did wonders for the confidence.

I imagine Bilal didn’t want to cut off his hair but he had no choice. If someone had told me at high school I had to cut off my big hair I would have been upset too. Hair is a bit like family, you’re allowed to get the shits with your own  but if anyone else does, well it hurts your feelings.

Below is the hair I had to grow up with, the bain of my existence (me on left)













This was taken after 28 years of having big hair, I shaved it all off for charity. But it was on my terms, my time and my way.

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  1. Christine Karlov

    Big hair is beautiful ! mine is the opposite, lots of it but still thin. its also half wavy! I reckon all hair can be great, it’s just figuring out what to do with it 😉

    I absolutely Love this kids hair !!! I think it really hurts their self esteem to change something like that. Schools focus too much on the petty stuff sometimes. Yes we need neat appearance but who is to judge? I reckon the afro looked way better!

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