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The A List – Who Decides the A List and How Do People Get On it?

I’m not part of the A list, B list, C list or even D list, never have been. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either.  I just don’t think that I’ve ever been cool enough and I when I did cop a bucketload of invites to the never ending partaying on the East side, I never had the energy to keep up with the parties, primping, pruning, tanning and requirement to purchase a new item of clothing per event. I don’t even have the energy to make a cup of tea at the end of the night let alone be out and about with the party set but many do, in fact it’s their life and it’s not cheap to keep up with the Joneses.

Either way, whilst I’m happy living in suburban bliss (with a daily adventure into our Pyrmont office), I also love people watching from my sofa, whether it’s online, on tele or in newspapers, the world of A listers is complete voyeurism and escapism and so far removed from the lives of 99.99% of Australians.

It did get us thinking though, how do you get on the A list? Does it all come down to a copywriter in a news room putting the letter A next to your name? Surely not? What’s the criteria? What’s the difference between the A list and B list? Do you have to be a celebrity to be on the A list? Who should the deciders of the A, B and C listers be?

The A list changes from year to year too, it can all come down to who you’re dating. Let’s take Lara Bingle for example, when she was engaged to Michael Clark she was a definite A lister, her career was on fire and she could do no wrong but since the end of the relationship and a few hiccups along the way, I wonder if the media would still consider her at the top of that A list game?  Then there’s the perpetual A listers, you know the ones, they appear in the social pages on occasion with the word A lister next to their name and they ooze sophistication and class. They don’t want column inches in a newspaper because they don’t need it. They’re at the charity function because they genuinely want to give to charity. Those people are few and far between but they do exist.

The closest we could get to finding an official A list in Australia was Who’s Most Beautiful People list but often the A lister’s aren’t the most beautiful either.

There’s no official list and there should be, it’s very important to brands, advertisers,, television networks and to the celebrity loving public to understand the difference between an A list and D lister as often the A listers aren’t just sitting in celebrity land, they’re the power brokers of business, media.

It’s Official, we’re creating the 2012 Official A List. We’re on the lookout for 6 judges to work with us over the next two months to create the 2012 Official A List. We will scrutinize, judge, debate and consider every potential and self-proclaimed A lister. We’ll find people you never knew about as well as the ones who we all know will make it to the top (Yep, pretty sure Miranda Kerr has cemented her place in the TOP 50) but they must be Australian .We’re also looking to our readers to nominate their favourite A listers and why.

Tell us who you think should be on the A list – if you know them, tag them with a share. If you’re keen to be a judge, sent us your deets at

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