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Celebrity Crushes – Charlene, Scott and That Wedding Day

This morning as we talked about the people who we admire (more about that soon) we moved quickly to the world of celebrity and personal. As a kid, 23 year old Brent only admired rock stars, secretly we think he wanted to be one, admired Chris Carrabba (Dashboard confessional singer), Brendan Boyd (singer of Incubus) WHO ARE THEY?????

Josi didn’t admire celebs, she only admired her Mum and Cathrine didn’t admire anyone (no surprises there), oh hang on, she’s yelling at me now saying she admired her Mum (good covering Cathrine!).

Once again I was made to feel incredibly old as I taught the youngsters about the first celebs I admired. They weren’t real, they were pretend and it was serious hero worship. I used to dream they would knock on my front door and ask to hang with me because I was so cool. I had posters of them on my wall and I was glued to the latest on their relationship which came in the form of a magazine called TV Week, the bible for tele shows (yes kids, we didn’t have the interweb back in the olden days).

This wedding day in particular drew the highest ratings ever for Neighbours and close to 20 million people tuned in for the huge event in the UK. Angry Anderson’s hit went straight to No 1. If you haven’t guessed I’m talking about the amazing Scott and Charlene from Neighbours then you’re either too young to remember or you lived under a rock when it was on.

Remember the wedding? Oh the tears, the happiness, the dress, the song, the baby’s breath flowers in the hair, oh the excitement! They were the Brangelina of our time, here’s a trip down memory lane.


That’s it for this Friday, going to try to post from sunny Malaysia next week (try being the operative word), if and when there’s limited things to discuss and observe, previous posts from another blog I used to have but no one but my little sister actually read will be posted, hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading this week, PHENOMENAL amount of support and absolutely appreciate each and every little ‘click’ you make on the articles you may or may not find interesting.

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