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Virgin Couple Shares First Kiss | Virgin Diaries

Well they’ve really thought of everything now! We get a lot from twitter and this one has gone viral big time. It’s a very uncomfortable program about virgins and one couple sharing their first kiss.

I wish I had a webcam in here sometimes, everyone is now talking about what great kissers they are! In the last minute I’ve just been told that you lose 7 calories per kiss and a 10 minute workout session with your partner each morning and each night can burn up to 100 calories per day. Josi’s just realised that she burns that with uphill cycling at the gym for 20 minutes and has decided that her partner is up for a bit of pashing tonight.

Josi said she also thinks looking at herself kissing would be hot and Brent’s just seen the video and said “If I saw myself kissing, I’d want to get involved” – God help me from the Gen Y’s PULEASE!


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