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Julia’s Jobs for the Boys – Cabinet Reshuffle

Julia Gillard has just announced a cabinet re-shuffle today by extending some roles, adding portfolios and generally trying to get rid of anyone who dared not support her over K Rudd.

She said of the re-shuffle “This will give us the focus and fire power that we need in 2012.”

Huh? I thought they were supposed to be focused and have fire power all the time? Ok, cool, it’s a typical vox pop that we hear all the time to justify change and yep, I’m all for changing things around if it’s not working BUT has anyone ever seen a Government like this where the focus on leadership and the fight for the top job is so prevalent that there’s a loss of focus on running the country?

The Hawke/Keating stoush, from memory, was fairly quick. Beasley/Keating was a bit of a non-event and Howard/Costello was one of those leadership rumbles that was a constant but never gve the voting public the impression it was affecting Howard and Costello’s ability to govern. This ongoing battle between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard must stop. Now that she’s ‘rewarding’ those who are powerful and keeping her in the top job, it honestly is appearing like ‘jobs for the boys’. Whilst it’s always happened in politics, I am sure it’s never been this obvious? “Hi Bill, don’t be nice to Kevin 07, he’s yesterday’s news, give me your support and I’ll give you XX job” – if this were a public company, ASIC would be ALL over them!

Bill Shorten is someone who’s slowly coming up the ranks as Julia’s new superstar, the writing was on the wall when Swannie got a tickle in his throat recently and Shorten was like a peacock, loving every minute of the airtime he got for some announcement he was making on the tele that night. I don’t know the guy but I’m pretty sure he was/is a union leader and being married to the daughter of the Governor General, I have no doubt that he is going to become a major political player in the next election. That much was starting to become obvious during the last election.

Apparently Julia tried to get Peter Garrett to step down but he threatened to leave politics all together and therefore sits with the portfolio of  School Education, Early Childhood and Youth. I think I’d like to interview Garrett, his passion was always admirable but I wonder if he’s been beaten by the system as yet, he’s taken a lot of heat for a lot of stuff that was actually Julia’s fault, decision and responsibility and has held his head pretty high and taken one or two for the team. The Greens could have done with someone like him but I’m still not sure what his motivation for being a politician is when he so obviously gets beaten round the head by the power brokers all the time.

The only portfolio I can agree with and I firmly support it that of Tanya Plibersek who is now the Minister for Health. I like Tanya’s honesty, she’s raw. Yep she’s screwed up at times but she’s a tough lady. Perhaps I like the fact that she’s an MP who’s held her seat through a pregnancy, had the bub and gone back to work. Yes it’s shallow but hey, I’ve talked to people on the street who still like Kevin Rudd over Julia because “he gave me that $900 and stuff and Julia said she wouldn’t do that carbon thing and she did” so people vote and decide who they like for many different reasons.  Plibersek is also relatable and likeable and many women of the same generation that I know are firm supporters of hers. At times you can actually tell she’s following the party line but it’s so obvious that you kind of enjoy her inability to lie convincingly. I just hope she too hasn’t got the job because she’s supported Julia over K Rudd in the party meeting rooms.

This jobs for the boys and reward for support is putting us in very dangerous territory. It’s distracting and stops the right people from doing the right job for Australia.








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  1. DMS

    I have only just read this post today, even although it was written in Dec 2011. Well it could have been written yesterday, because Julia has had another big shuffle this week. What a week in politics! It has been a disgrace, Julia has acted like the strict old ‘school mam” “don’t you speak to me like that” to a reporter who wasjust doing his job, admittedly through a bit of interjection, but who could blame him, the journos must be so frustrated trying in vain to have their questions answered and then asking questions of public interest, to be told a pack of lies and then having to put their name to a conflicting story / opinion piece the following day that makes them look as if they don’t know what they’re doing, when it all stems back to Julia lying, backtracking or just being plain sneaky.
    She may be PM but she seems to forget that we the tax payers employ her and she had better pick up or act or we can just as easily sack her at the first opportunity.

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