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The Funny Stuff My Kids Write

DO you ever wonder what the teacher’s must think about what your kids write about, tell them and proudly announce during news at school? I got a small insight into what my 7 year old has been up to at school this year when his ‘story telling’ and “on the weekend’ books were sent home a week ago.



























The story, to those of you who can’t read the handwriting is:

“Once upon a time there lived a king and a queen and the queen was pregnant. She was going to have a baby boy zombie. All of them were zombies. The baby boy was born and Aunt Abbey came to see him. She was very ugly because she was a witch and very cranky. The End.”

I can only assume from this story that Mr 7 has overheard too many fairy tales being read to his little sister that involve kings and queens, he watches way too much scooby doo as they’re always talking to zombies and I’ve spent waaaaaay too much of his childhood pregnant. As for Aunt Abbey – I have assumed that she’s a girl at school whom he may have a crush on because boys at that age insult the girls they like, don’t they?

Then there was this weekend recount written by Mr 7 after Hubby took the two eldest boys & two visiting colleagues from India to the Blue Mountains. Hubby explained to me that the friends they were taking with them were from India but they were no different to any of us and the boys were to be polite etc etc. Can’t imagine what the teacher thought of the description here, sounds like they just picked up a couple of Indian’s along the way…..









































There’s another 5 or 6 stories in these books I will try to dig up and show as they’re absolutely priceless…..I am just wondering what the actual weekend news items are as I suspect some teachers wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face most of the time.

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