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C’mon Admit It – How Many Prams Do you Own?

My little sister called me last week and said “I’ve just bought my 4th pram but this one, I swear is THE BEST”

She has ONE child who is almost 10 months old.

And now she has 4 prams.

I suspect she was calling to justify the purchase to me but I can’t judge, I totally understand her passion.  I am the owner of 5 prams and 4 children. Each purchase justified in my own head as a need and not a want.

We’re not the only one’s either, I’ve asked a number of my friends and once you have kids, prams become a bit like shoes. They’re an accessory you want to buy different versions of. My male friends say they don’t understand it but they all have collections of prams of various shapes and sizes in their garages that have all been justified a ‘must have’, new and improved version and a total need.

Let me explain:

PRAM 1 – Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (Below) 

First pram purchased based on overwhelming desire to look like Nicole Kidman when she first adopted Isabella, she ran daily through New York with a cool looking three wheel pram. That was it for me, yes, sold on celebrity and the hopes and dreams that I too would run through the streets of Sydney just days after giving birth. Hubby cursed this pram for being impractical in size when it came to fitting it into the boot of our cars, I ignored him. I thought I was cool.












Pram No 2 – The Mclaren Stroller (Below) 

We were going on a family trip to Japan when baby no 1 was about 7 months old. In my head, I justified this purchase because the three wheeler was too heavy to take overseas (WTF?) or not portable enough to get on and off trains & planes.   It kind of worked except the three wheeler would have been better because we were knee deep in about 3ft of snow the entire time we were there. Also justified to hubby that it would be a great pram to use if I had to run into the shops for quick groceries, saving me, oh, 0.07 seconds of difference in time to set it up.













Pram No 3: The Double Stroller (Below) 

14 months after baby no 1 arrived, baby no 2 came along and a double pram was needed. I was using the 4 wheel stroller so much that I thought a double side by side pram would give me quick access to my two babies who were both still babies and could need Mum’s attention at any time.










Pram No 4: Phil and Ted’s (Below)

The side by side double pram was great BUT I couldn’t actually get it into any shops and I couldn’t get through the checkouts at Coles, Woolies or move it around anywhere for that matter, it was too big so I justified this purchase by simply saying “I can’t go anywhere with the other one”













Pram No 5: Mountain Buggy Swift

By the time baby no 4 was on its way, I’d listened to hubby bitch and whinge about the size of the first pram we’d bought for 5 years. It was time to show him the new and improved version of the Mountain Buggy. It was smaller, more compact and I justified the purchase of this one by telling myself that the other ones has been well loved by the other three kids and well, I needed it (I didn’t).


After all of this, believe it or not, every single one of these prams is used. Regularly. It seems excessive but I would guess there are many other Mum’s with specific prams for specific purposes! Share below in the comments section, how many prams do you own!






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