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I’m not a good cook. My Mum always refutes this by saying “but you can, you always make lovely meals” and it’s true, when I focus on the food, have a recipe in mind and all the ingredients at hand, I can make approximately 15 different meals and make them appear rather fancy. I must admit though, all my recipes have either come from eating something delicious at a friends house and stealing it, or eyeing off the ingredients in a salad at a restaurant, copying the salad and chucking a bit of Paul Newman’s Balsamic dressing on and praying it tastes somewhat similar (I do this whenever fig, holoumi or pear is involved in a restaurant salad).

I can knock up food for toddlers (I do a mean mash vege’s) and I am the queen of salad but when I say I can’t cook, I never ever ever think “I feel like beef tonight” and make something extraordinary with beef. I can’t look in the cupboard and knock up something with the ingredients that are available. I have also never made a cake for one of my kids birthdays. Not because I don’t want to but because hubby and kids have requested that I don’t. I’m crap at baking. Cooking for me is a hassle and I think you need to have passion for food to be a good cook. I have a friend called Georgia who is my food hero, she lives in Perth now and I miss her food more than anything, food is her passion and it shows in everything she cooks.

So, two years ago I was charged bringing meat on Christmas Day, I panicked. I immediately thought HAM, yes, ham was easiest. No, little sister claimed ham because her hubby had been given a big free ham from work the week before so I was now in charge of all meat, except ham. Erk, Lamb, yes, I could do lamb. SO I did a roast lamb and chopped it off the bone, lovely and tender, perfect. It was a proud moment. I also grabbed a recipe book from Coles, it was the first time I had made pork, I followed the recipe word for word it was smothered in something or other to make it crispy…It was stuffed with basil and pine nuts and well, I can’t remember everything because like I said, I can’t cook but from memory it was very messy and complicated to make. Anyway it was so good that one of my cousins who loves food enough to be a contestant on Masterchef told me it was the nicest pork she’s ever eaten (BINGO). I was so proud of my efforts that I pulled out the Coles recipe book (that I’d kept for an entire year) and did it again last year. This year however, I’m in all sorts of trouble, I don’t think I can do the pork again – it’s getting to be one trick wonder territory so what I’m hoping for before I get charged with making anything specific, does anyone have any fabulous tried and tested Christmas recipes they share with me? Easy or hard, I don’t care it just has to be yummy and can be entrée, main, dessert or anything.

Who knows if everyone shares something, perhaps everyone will have something new to make/cook/try for Christmas:

Okay – I’ve just written this post and then found my fancy pork recipe online – it’s not THAT complicated, but it’s complicated for my usual efforts!

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