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Where to Find The Best Christmas Lights In Sydney

If you’re anything like me, you start to use bribery and corruption in the lead up to Christmas. Almost everything I say and do in the lead up to Christmas ends with “the elves are watching and you DON’T want to be on the naughty list do you?

I know, it’s terrible but it works. There’s a common belief that the children who don’t behave during the year get a potato left in their Santa sack as a replacement for a present. In our house the elves have taken the potato phenomenon a little further. Yesterday they left a potato on the kitchen bench. We think it was left as a reminder to the children to clean up the toy room and throw out any broken or unused toys before Santa comes so that they don’t see that the kids haven’t looked after their toys. Well, they sprang into action faster than anything I’ve ever seen. 75% of their toys were either chucked or the kids admitted that there were possibly kids less fortunate than them who could get more use out of them. We made space for Santa’s reindeer to get into the house (I told the kids that they weren’t allowed in the house, they didn’t want a bar of it).

Once the toy room was clean, we went out to see the Christmas lights in our local area and upon our return, the potato had gone, yes, the elves were happy with the kids efforts and a message had been left for them on my computer for all the kids saying they were on his good list (thank you Portable North Pole). The kids were so proud of themselves.

The Christmas lights are something I’ve only begun to appreciate in the last 4 years. The effort that some people go to is phenomenal and it’s an incredibly charitable thing to do especially for the kids. All the houses around our area take donations for a local charity and so each year, we make a donation to each of the houses collecting money and take the kids out to see the Christmas lights every night in the week leading up to Christmas. It’s such a community feeling and each house remembers us from last year and always asks the same question “did you have any more kids since we last saw you?”

We’re always looking for more lights and I’ve found THE WEBSITE which lists the best Christmas lights in Australia which will stop you having to drive around every street in your local area trying to find a house lit up like a Christmas Tree, check it out HERE

Now all I need to know is, what does the Easter Bunny leave instead of Chocolate if the kids aren’t well behaved between now and Easter?


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