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Why I Detest The Boxing Day Sales


There are a few benefits to organizing your annual holidays prior to Christmas, we’ve never done it before this year but I must say that I may just do it again. Thanks to  the wedding in Malaysia and the Christmas break, I feel like we’ve been on holidays for almost all of December. This is both good and bad.


One of the pitfalls is that the kids get completely out of routine and in addition to completely losing any work mojo I had pre-December, my 18 month old is now completely addicted to me. Going back to work next week is going to be twice as difficult because he’s now old enough to know who I am and work out that Mummy isn’t around anymore. Slightly heartbreaking really.  Because of this newfound addiction, Mr 18 months old and I have literally been joined at the hip since December 3, he’s a little on the demanding side at the moment but more about that later. As a result I asked hubby for a few hours off today to have a ‘break’ to go and do the groceries. Alone.

Ahhh, bliss, 2 hours all alone to walk through Singleton Woolworths people watching and wondering if they’re tourists or locals (a game I play in my head when on holidays up here).


However, me, alone, with credit card during Boxing Day sales time is dangerous. I detest the Boxing Day sales and all January sales for that matter. There are a number of reasons why.


Like many women, I’m a shopper, I think you’re either a shopper or not. As a shopper I can happily part with my money or the bank’s money on anything. If I need something, I am a shop assistant’s dream, I look, I decide, I purchase. It’s that simple. I’m not the type of shopper who has the time or likes to research various models or options on what I’m buying and I certainly don’t um and ahh over a purchase, if I like it, I buy it, it doesn’t matter if I have three of the same thing already because I’ve generally forgotten about the other three. It’s one of my biggest faults however as a full time working mother of 4 kids under 7, I fortunately don’t have time to shop so through lack of time I fortunately only shop three times a year and probably save myself a lot of money.  I shop pre-winter, pre-summer and Christmas. I go out and buy the kids clothes for the season, hubby’s clothes, my clothes and then Christmas all in one hit and I always try to do my best to not take anyone with me.


So why do I detest the sales so much?

  1. The crowds. Who on earth wants to fight through the crowds of every other Mary, Jane and Liz to find an 8 1/2 size shoe in the David Jones or Myer shoe table sale? I’ve tried it before and come home with some hideous wedges, stiletto’s and pumps just because someone else was eyeing them off and my inner competitive streak comes out. Crowds and sales tables don’t suit me because I end up in a competition with myself and costing myself my fashion sense and a lot of money.
  2. I’ve always well and truly spent the budget before the sales and for some reason every year as the ads appear on tele or in the newspapers, I think to myself ‘bugger, why didn’t I leave some money for the sales?” *(anyone else do that?) I have no idea why I forget every year but I do. By the time I realize we need new sheets, towels, shoes, fridge, mattress or some other heavily discounted item, the money is all accounted for, spent or we generally have a family holiday coming up or something else that needs the dollars spent on it.
  3. On the odd year that I have managed to get out and take a look at the sales, it simply makes me mad. Seeing things I had purchased a mere 6 days before at half price at times makes me think that if I’d moved Christmas a few days backwards when the kids didn’t have a clue, we could have saved hundreds of dollars on plastic toys that only last a few days anyway. I prefer to avoid the disappointment by not going and seeing how much I could have saved by giving a 7 year old a gift voucher to Target instead (that would be a bit harsh wouldn’t it?).
  4. The last and final reason why I can’t stand the sales is because of my shopping addiction/habit/enjoyment, I tend to get sucked in by those big glaring red SALE signs and purchase stuff that I really and truly don’t need, want or have any use for. I could possibly forgive myself for the odd pair of shoes because that’s a bit of a treat but no, not me, I have to purchase the weirdest and most useless and UGLY things I find. The good taste switch goes off in my head and stupidly the ‘bargain’ light goes on and my brain turns to mush, it’s the only time of year that I honestly shouldn’t shop.

Today was a perfect example and I can only be grateful that where we are holidaying Singleton NSW at the moment (don’t worry robbers, the doberman, alarm, next door neighbours and house sitter have the house at home covered thank you very much). Up here we only have a Big W. I could have been in more trouble if there were more shops given I was alone with no kids and 2 hours to play. After my blissful 45 minutes in Woolies, I went to Big W to see if they had any white photo frames. Simple enough but on my way to the photo frame aisle (keep in mind, I was in Big W for approximately 5 minutes) I managed to purchase the following:






6 spray cans and the mother of all outdoor mega bottles of Mortein because I saw a spider at our holiday house and hubby asked me to buy some. One would have been enough but it was on sale so I purchased three different types which were naturally ON SALE, just incase the spiders didn’t react to the first type I bought.









Not one but two flexible multi purpose tubs because I seem to pick one up every time I’m at the shops, at last count I had about 18 of them, they have many uses, toy storage bins, laundry baskets, quasi suitcases for quick overnight trips, rubbish bins, whatever, again, they were $10 reduced to $5, I naturally NEEDED 2. I have no reason for this, completely useless purchase.












This is where it gets really silly, there was a video display almost like a Demtel or Home Shopping Network ad speaking exclusively to me, I was in the zone when it came to the next three products I bought…..No kidding, I actually thought to myself “well if they’ve gone to the effort to make a video about this product then it MUST be good, I should try them because they are on sale” – When they’re called Doktor Power, I mean, who could walk past something so innovative? I also have an obsession with cleaning cloths and all cleaning products, I have no idea why, I’m crap at housekeeping but I think in my head if I have the products available then one day I’ll become a pro at keeping a non-dusty, surface clean, un-cluttered home. The word microfibre just grabbed me here and the video showed a very happy healthy American Mom type lady whipping around her home with the the yellow cloth attached to her hand happily cleaning her house, “Surely that would make me happy to clean?” I thought.










The Doktor Power ‘amazing, you have never seen anything like this before’ cleaning cloths, the ad on the display tele really made it look like one wipe and it would make your bathroom ‘sparkle’.












And the Doktor Power Magic block which guarantees to get rid of all the scuff marks on my walls and stains off my sofas, I WAS SOLD!

This isn’t all of my purchases which I won’t go into but you get the idea, about $65 spent on crap, literally crap I didn’t need, want or have any intention of buying. This is why I can’t stand the sales, it’s not about saving money, it’s about wasting money. Unless you’re a shopper who has intent, desire, need, purpose and time, then you’re possibly like me and need to stay away from the sales because the temptation to buy crap you don’t need it all too overwhelming.



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