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The biggest loser challenge – Celebrity Endorsement worked, I’m going to Jenny Craig.







OK so little sister and her hubby messaged me on facebook recently, it went something like this “we’re all fat and unhealthy and I’m sick of being asked if I’m pregnant, we have to lose weight, I’m issuing you all with a challenge, the biggest loser challenge starts on Jan 1, the couple who loses the highest percentage of weight in 2 months is deemed the winner”.

When I had baby no 1, I put on 30kgs and lost 30kgs.

When I had baby 2 I put on 20gks and lost 20kgs.

When I had baby 3 I put on a whopping 40kgs and lost about 45kgs.

But after putting my body through all that physical torture for three years, when I had baby no 4 I put on 30kgs and only lost 10kgs and then put on another 5kgs. By baby no 4 it was really hard to lose the weight and I’ve held onto it like it was my best friend ever since.

I love a challenge and again, my competitive streak comes out when I am focused.   Our biggest loser challenge started on Jan 1. In a little over 2 days, my brother in law has already lost 2.1kgs (Keep in mind, he’s 6ft 7 so I think he has a totally unfair advantage as he has a longer body to lose the weight from). Either way, I’m completely jealous and well done to him, he’s off to a flying start!

I, on the other hand, on Jan 1, was up at the farm with no shops in sight or open for that matter and on New Years Day managed to demolish bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes and then ate home made crusty white bread for the remainder of the day. On the way home from the farm yesterday I was in the car with Miss 4 asleep and I was starving, Maccas was on the way home, convenient yeah? Erk….then last night after picking up groceries, I made a lovely salad, and poured feta cheese all over it. I have a problem. Convenience and taste always seems to win over my focus on health and wellbeing.

Now before everyone goes off at me about “you’re beautiful just the way you are, don’t be pressured by the media blah blah blah”  as well as all those other positive affirmations. I agree, I’m a happy person and life is good but I physically feel like crap. I want to be able to jump out of bed after 6 or 7 hours sleep and be happy, not angry that I’m awake. I don’t want to sit on the sofa at night with my laptop on lap sipping on coffee till the wee hours,  I want to buy size 10 clothing and I want to have another baby and there’s no way I’m going to have no 5 whilst carrying an additional 20kgs of weight given my history of packing on the kilos during pregnancy.

There’s a major factor for any woman or man who’s overweight. Health is the most important thing to us and being overweight is not healthy. Unlike many other hideous diseases or illnesses, we can control our weight. Being an overweight smoker who sits at a desk all day and being the mother of four kids is just a time bomb waiting to go off. This isn’t about body image or me wanting to look good in a swimming costume, that isn’t going to happen as I gave up on bikinis 7 years ago. This is about health and well being. Major life change is needed, plus, I want to win this challenge.

The biggest challenge for any parent with a job and family commitments is time. I know it is for me. Finding even an hour a day to sneak away from work, kids, cooking, cleaning, tidying and the telephone is going to be a nightmare. Additionally, I don’t have the self-discipline to do it alone or even with hubby. I’m just the kind of person who needs a program or mentor to get me through this kind of stuff. Someone to tell me, ‘well done, you’ve reached your first milestone”.

Yesterday I mentioned on my facebook feed that I had a secret weapon, at the time, I thought Lite’n’Easy would be my secret weapon, for about $144 a week they actually make and deliver your brekkie, snacks, lunch and dinner to your front door. No groceries, no cooking, no prep. I would have signed up this morning but I’ve just been online and yuck, the meals look and sound completely gross (curried egg spread on a muffin for lunch, no thanks!).  I was talked out of it because Cathrine in our office said a relative tried it for a week before giving up because it was too revolting.

About 6 months ago I tried Weight Watchers online, I lasted about 3 days, I tried to find a place in my local area that did ‘meetings’, I couldn’t get to any of them as the travel time home meant I wouldn’t see the kids. That was successful! Having tried WW in the past, I thought it would work again but weight loss programs are a bit like mobile phones, once you’ve tried one, you want to upgrade to the newer sexier version because you’re bored of the last one. I think that’s what happened, the points thing got a bit boring for me.

I have a number of friends who’ve also done the Vision personal training courses, from what I can see it’s a 9-12 week highly intensive training course aimed at changing the way you live, eat, train and generally approach all aspects of life. It’s  one on one with a personal trainer and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t succeeded on the course but it’s also very expensive. Post xmas and holidays, I didn’t want to pump up the credit card too much in my quest to do something that, let’s face it, could be achieved with salads and a footpath.

So about 10 minutes ago I logged onto Jenny Craig online, it gave me a complete health check with an online tool, told me my BMI (not in the obese category – PHEW) and then gave me the advice that according to my stats, I have the ability to lose about 9kgs in a very healthy way during the 2 month biggest loser challenge and my total goal of 20kg loss isn’t out of the question either. I watched a video blog made by Mel B who’s the latest celebrity flogging the brand and she looks incredible, 8kgs lost and you can see it, AMAZING. I was sold. I did as they asked and picked up the phone and despite today possibly being the biggest day of the year for Jenny Craig, the office in my local area could give me an appointment this afternoon to consult, take my money and help me through my weight loss goals. Customer Service tick for Jenny Craig. The lady on the phone was nice and encouraging and genuine. I love good customer service.

So in the interests of full disclosure, here goes, I am committing to myself to lose 20kgs in 2012. I’ll probably do the first 10-15 with Jenny and try to do the last 5 by myself, will see how I go. I shall report on the fab four’s progress and if we’re feeling good, I’ll even take photos to see show how the biggest loser challenge is going. If you want to join us on the ride, feel free and post us some pics, perhaps we can all do it together. Don’t do it because of insecurities or body hang ups, do it because you want to be like us and make a major change to your life & health, for the better, for the kids and for yourself.


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