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Jenny Craig – 2 Days In And I’ve lost 2.5kgs – Uh huh!

Just a quick update on my weight loss quest. Went to Jenny Craig meeting and it was incredible, motivating and put me RIGHT in the place I wanted to be.

I’m not sure why but not a lot is known about the Jenny Craig program. When I asked friends about the best weight loss programs they knew of, everyone knew about Jenny Craig but no one knew what was actually involved in the program in the same way there’s a general understanding of Weight Watchers “points” program.

So in the interests of sharing for anyone else who wants to know a bit about the program, here’s my fabbo experience thus far (and to answer a question from a reader that I had a couple of days ago, nope, they’re not sponsoring me, this is a real life and 100% about my personal experience).

Went to my appointment and the consultant was incredible. She explained that Jenny Craig isn’t about taking foods away from you or making you feel like you’re dieting but it’s actually about changing eating habits and your lifestyle. Jenny Craig actually supply the food you eat (with you adding the fresh fruit and vegetable components that are required as well) as well as a weekly plan of what you will eat and when to eat it.

It’s all very scientific, you have to fill in a form with medical issues as well as why you want to lose weight. They put you on the scales and take your height measurement and then take a ‘start’ photo (confronting to say the least). Based on my current BMI and weight, we agreed that I needed to lose 20kgs (I personally thought I needed to lose about 15kgs but that comes down to my reverse anorexia issue where I honestly look in the mirror and see a skinny person, I was in a little bit of shock until I got home and told Mum and she said, ‘yep, that sounds like what you should lose’ – erk stab me now.)

The program was explained to me like this: The dietary intake is geared so I lose 0.5 to 1kg per week meaning it will take me between 20 and 40 weeks to lose the full 20kgs as long as I exercise as well. There are various stages in the weight loss journey and to make my life easier and to break bad habits etc, I will eat the Jenny Craig food for the first ½ of my weight loss (10kgs), each week after that I’m weaned one day at a time per week onto a menu that I can plan and cook myself in order to ensure I don’t put the weight back on. I have a personal consultant that I see for my weight in once a week which is the same time a pay for and pick up my weekly food and my personal consultant CALLS ME during the week to make sure I’m not falling off the wagon – how good is that!!! I have a male consultant for the remainder of the program who’s an ex-Army dude and apparently good at bashing fatty’s like me around the head, very excited about that!

Small portions and eating regularly (every 3 hrs) are key to success as well as ensuring the right amounts of all 5 food groups are eaten (eg: 5 serves of veges and 2 of fruit etc per day). I have to eat something small every 3 hours and portion control is one of the main reasons why Jenny can provide the convenience and correct portions of food that I need to lose weight. I was a but worried about the food at first because despite only eating twice a day usually, it’s always yummy food but I have to say, I am absolutely impressed only 2 days into it. I’ve never eaten so much food in my life, I’ve not been hungry once and I’ve lost 2.5kgs in two days – WTF?!?!?!

Here’s what I’ve eaten so far:
Day 1:

Breakfast: 1 Cup Jenny Craig Museli (Pre packaged portion)

½ cup skim milk

1 x Dietary Supplement (Vitamin specially produced for Jenny Craig by Blackmores)


Snack: 1 x Apple


Lunch: 1 x Jenny Craig Ham Cheese and Tomato Jaffle (Pre-packaged portion)

Garden Salad

1 x carrot
Snack: 1 x Jenny Craig Potato Crisps (Pre-packages portion) – I have to say that I striggled with this, the notion of eating chips whilst on a diet, no matter how fat free they were wasn’t my cuppa tea so I skipped it. Got in trouble when I called this morning as it’s all part of a the balanced diet but I’m allowed to swap it and exclude chips next week)

Dinner: 1 x Jenny Craig Chicken Fettucine (Pre-packaged portion)
1 x cup Mushrooms
1 x Cup Broccoli
1 x Cup Green Beans
Snack: 1 x Cup Berries
¾ Cup Berries

Not sure about anyone else, but honestly, I was full all day, it felt like an enormous amount of food. I went to the gym for 45 mins and walked hard, didn’t do nearly the distance I used to do and STILL IT WORKED! I jumped on the scales this morning and I’ve lost 2.5kgs! I have obviously screwed my metabolism in a big way because my body has been hungry for the right foods regularly, not semi decent foods occasionally. I have to record all the foods I eat in a food diary and how I feel before and after the food as well as recording exercising etc. It’s a great way to keep focused.

Shan’t update on everything I do with Jenny but seriously, I think this is going to work. The total cost of the program (I signed up on the Platinum deal meaning I can return any time over the next 7 years if I fall off the wagon, that was about $450 (you don’t need to sign up for that long, it’s about $200 just to hit your goal weight) plus food which I think for the week was about $130. I had to buy about $30 worth of fresh foods from the grocery store but overall, when I think about the amount of money I spend at work getting lunches and coffees each week, that’s my week in food covered for what I have to spend on lunch in expensive, overpriced Pyrmont in Sydney!      

If I refer someone to the program, I think they get about 25% off their joining fee and then I get 25% off my food the following week AND then there’s something about me and that person then going for 5 weeks in a row and we each get a $100 New Balance voucher to spend on sneakers – not bad eh!

I’m pumped and keen either way, the food is good and yep, it’s a bit more pricey than I originally thought but given there’s someone at the end of the phone and that I’m reporting into weekly, it’s keeping me accountable and I need that!





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