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Open Letter to All Angry Middle Aged Men Who Think They Own the Roads

Dear Middle Aged Men Who Think You Own the Roads,

(Yes, if you’re an angry sports car, courier van, taxi or commodore driving male between 40 and 55, I’m talking to you).

You do not own the roads. End of story.

I’m not sure why you’re such an abusive lot but today whilst driving in my big chunky I can run you over mofo 4wd, there were about three of you in filthy moods with fists in the air shouting abuse because I didn’t do 0 to 60 in 4 seconds when the lights went green. CHILL OUT MAN. Life doesn’t need to be that stressful.

I don’t care if your wife has left you because you’re an abusive person.

I don’t care if your kids can’t stand you because you’re a beer swilling lazy bum who thinks the world owes you something.

I don’t care if I’ve held you up by 0.5 seconds because I didn’t go flat out at the lights.

I don’t care if you’re hungover and stuck in a hot car all day.

I don’t care if you’re still with your wife but she’s a whinging cow and on your back all the time. Not all women are bitches.

I don’t care if you’re going through a mid-life crisis and therefore feel the need to fit you big fat balding head and body into a tiny unsuitable sportscar.

I don’t care that it’s 2012 and equality has come a long way, I’m still a woman and some of the language out of your mouths today was revolting. Would you speak to your daughter that way? If you would, you’re a…..well, I  won’t lower myself to saying what I think you are.

I don’t care if you are in a hurry, there are rules when it comes to the roads and you don’t own them.

You still don’t own the roads. Ok?

I’m appalled that many middle aged males still think they can intimidate others with abusive fists out the windows or even ‘the rude finger’ as my kids call it.

I’m appalled that middle aged males get so angry and can’t control themselves, the red face and bulging veins in their foreheads is a dead giveaway – go get therapy man or you’re going to give yourself a heart attack.

Unfortunately, and yep, I’m proudly stereotyping here, it’s always a middle aged male who has road rage issues. I personally have never experienced a female with road rage, I’m sure it happens but I suspect our lack of testosterone most certainly controls our overwhelming urge to call you a dickhead right back at you. Plus, you all look like scary people and who knows what you’re capable of.

If you’re a middle aged male who has manners and isn’t abusive on the roads, doesn’t drive a sports car, isn’t having a mid-life crisis, has manners and knows common courtesy when it comes to road rules, then thank you. There aren’t many of you.


From Frustrated Female Driver Who is Slightly Intimidated by Angry Idiots on the Road.




  1. Sounds like you have some personal problems, to accuse those you nothing about of having detailed drama. I’ve never been honked at for a light, and I drive a 4 cylinder 1992 Toyota pickup.. Which cannot takeoff fast even if I wanted it to haha. and I dont think anyone expects you to take off like a rocket.
    The person that needs to chill out is the one who wrote the article (;
    Still young, never honked my horn, and don’t intend on it.

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