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The secret language of Gen Y – all parents should read this. Don’t put your head in the sand.









As someone who is obsessed with the different ways each generation communicate, I’ve often found myself asking my younger brother what the lingo is and what’s ‘cool’ these days. His first reply is “There’s nothing cool about the word cool” – MMM, ok then, must work on my own coolness.

I’m a huge believer in ensuring you always know more about the latest lingo than the youngsters in your life so that you cannot be hoodwinked by codes and secret new ways of saying old things so I went about asking the Gen Y gang in our office what they’re saying and what it means.

Whilst a few of these things are a tad tongue in cheek and representative of generational change (and keep in mind, many of these words are from males as young women simply seem to abbreviate words rather can make up new ones), a few of these words are important for parents to know because if your teen is talking about going out and getting ‘cooked’, you may just find that they’re not going to a friends house to watch Masterchef.

The Secret Language of Gen Y

Totes; totally, everything

Tuning; picking up a chick

Hooking Up; is what we used to call a pash, getting with or snogging.

Getting a Feed;  – what we used to refer to as ‘shagging’

Cutting Grass;  trying to ‘hook up’ with someone else’s Mrs

Seeing someone;  – not in a relationship but seeing each other but unsure as to if you are allowed to ‘see’ other people

Whipped; when a bloke is ‘under the thumb of a woman

Hungry;  means you’re keen to ‘hook up’ with someone.

Nailed it; you did good, spot on

Cooked;  means you’re stoned (marijuana)

Buckled;  means your high on anything that isn’t marijuana

Rocket; a hot chick

Solid; A fat chick

A grenade; an ugly female


There are no doubt more but I’ll need to do more research to find out as secret languages are a bit like Chinese dialects, there are so many of them, it’s hard to keep up.

If there are certain words your pre-teen, teen or young adult are saying and you want to share, feel free to do so in the comments box below.


  1. DMS

    Glad to know this information, have often heard ‘totes’ and I’ve looked to see their tote bag, but never found it and figured they must have saidn’toke’ language of the hippies. haha.

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