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What’s Your Most Favourite and Least Favourite Household chore?

Yep, it’s a serious question! Whilst talking to my sister on the phone the other night and complaining about the 6 baskets (which as of tonight stands at 9 baskets) of laundry that I have lying around the house that need to be put away, we discussed the household chores we enjoy and the one’s we can’t stand. Whilst this appears to be a mundane and boring topic, it’s actually hilarious because EVERYONE is SO different when it comes to what they will happily and not so happily take on in the world of household chores.

It’s important to note that little sis doesn’t have much to dislike, she lives in a 2 bedroom apartment and has weekly cleaners so it’s clear to me she’s not a fan of much housework! However she said that she loves cleaning mirrors, sinks and anything to do with Pine O’Clean however she can’t stand cleaning toilets, she doesn’t like vacuuming and finds making beds simply horrid.

I need to make a disclaimer here that I am the worst housekeeper on the planet (I’m not trying to be entertaining, my Mum and Kat, the kids babysitter this week can confirm this as fact, I am an utterly shit housekeeper). Whilst the 9 baskets of laundry need to be put away and the washing on the sofa is starting to pile up to a point where in 2 days, I suspect we’ll be sitting on the floor, my dislike for sorting through 6 people’s underwear, little people’s clothing , big people’s clothing, dark colours, light colours, whites and what looks like 750 towels and then putting it all away is just my idea of household chore hell. Now whilst my mother is on holidays in NZ and is possibly reading this shaking her head thinking “you dislike all household chores, I know because I tend to do all your house work for you”, it’ doesn’t mean I don’t like some things more than others!

So in terms of where I sit on favourite and least favourite chores to do, here goes (play this one with your friends, honestly it’s fascinating how many people actually enjoy cleaning bathrooms! EWWWWW!)

Favourite Household Chores:

  1. Washing (but only the washing park) – I really enjoy washing, I’m slight OCD when it comes to washing but it’s the after it’s washed that I can’t stand. Once the washing machine beeps, I start to have conniptions.
  2. Wiping benches/sinks– Love wiping benches and looking at clean benches, I could stand behind my kitchen bench with a wetex all day just wiping down crumbs.

  3. Cleaning Floors (includes vacuuming and mopping) – to me there’s nothing more satisfying than clean floors/carpet. We have pure white tiles in our kitchen which I thought would drive me mental when we moved in but I kind of like seeing the dirt and knowing what needs to be cleaned. We clean our floors once a day and still they’re filthy for most of the day but at least I know that for a brief 10 minutes, they were clean!

Worst Household Chores

  1. Taking washing down, folding and putting away – this is the one household chore I detest more than anything. If my family could live out of washing baskets with fresh clean washing on the sofa , I would do it (Oh and I can’t stand trying to fold bed sheets. OMG, can anyone get the corners right when folding a fitted sheet?).
  2. Cleaning up yucky stuff – if you have a dog or children you’ll understand this can often be a messy time in your life. At the risk of being gross, I can’t, won’t and absolutely flat out refuse to clean up any type of poo/vomit or smelly ‘I have no idea what that is” off anything, am not coping just thinking about it.

  3. Toilets – Ewww – nuff said. With 4 boys in our house I don’t need to explain the state of our toilets but I’d pretty much stop eating to ensure that I could always afford cleaners to come in regularly and do this one.

  4. Bins – in our house, that’s a boy job. Yucky smelly stuff is always a boy job.

  5. Gardening – I’m hoping that gardening is like an acquired taste and that when I become a real grown up I’ll learn to love pulling weeds out of the garden but at the moment, I can’t tell the weeds from the real plants (this includes mowing lawns, in this house, it’s a boy job)

  6. 6. Ironing – I don’t iron, I can’t. Even when I try to iron a business shirt, I can’t do the collar/shoulders properly. I can iron a pillow case but I’m assuming everyone can. I did buy a professional steamer (like the ones they use in retail shops) which is a rather life saving machine where you run the thingy over clothes and in about 10 seconds it’s got the wrinkles out of everything, I got it out tonight and found it much easier than ironing.

Just asked hubby what his least favourite chores were and he said 1. Putting clothes away 2. Ironing 3. Vacuuming and his favourites are 1. Mowing the lawns, 2. Fixing stuff 3. Cleaning the pool.

So utopia in our house is living in wrinkled clothes that we fish out of washing baskets on the sofa whilst no one vomits or poo’s on our super clean floors so that we can relax on freshly mown grass watching the kids play in a clean pool. Not likely anytime in the near future! Must run, gotta put the washing away!

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