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Most Mums Probably Do This Already – But after 4 kids, I’m STILL learning!


Rafferty's Garden Baby Foods


Ever had a moment where you thought “Der, why didn’t I think of that?”

I had this thought when a clever Mummy invented Rafferty’s Garden baby food. After years of having an internal battle with myself over the Heinz jar foods which actually tasted like the metal tin they were served in, FINALLY some smart little cookie came up with something that made me feel like I wasn’t pouring crap down my baby’s throat when convenience dictated over nutrition.

The Rafferty’s Garden baby foods (and the copy cat products) are all natural with no added whatever it is that they add to make things bad. And, best of all, my kids were finally able to feed themselves brekkie, lunch and dinner by simply opening their mouth and squeezing the bottom and sucking the pureed veges from the top. Apparently the woman who invented this amazing product is a gazillionaire now – clever her, bravo! I must say that once I was able to ditch the tinned and glass jars I took it a little too far and when my youngest turned about 8 months old, I realized that with my newfound love of the ‘eu naturale’ guilt free Rafferty’s Garden packs, my little one hadn’t actually eaten any freshly cooked veges made with Love from Mum since he’d started eating. Ooops!

So off I went to the green grocers with all good intentions to puree as many vitamins as I could for my little one. I however, have always over complicated this process, I make a mess. A really big bloody mess. I end up with forty thousand pots on the stove, the blender splats all types of pureed food on the kitchen walls and well, it’s just a four hour disaster.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have at least 20 dozen tiny little tupperwear containers with mismatching lids that little people routinely remove from the tupperwear cupboard and you spend your days either picking them up, cursing them or just plain wishing that bloody tupperwear was never invented.

So imagine my surprise when, after 4 kids, loads of swearing at my tupperwear falling out of the freezer and indulging myself in years worth of ‘kids need fresh vege’s guilt’ I stumbled across yet another cool idea where I thought “why didn’t I think of that?”












I was at my cousin’s house watching her calmly and routinely puree fresh vege’s and fresh fruits in the blender after boiling only ONE large pot of yummy vegetables, blending them (again, calmly) and then pouring them into 12 similar portions in a large cupcake/muffin tray and freezing them for 20 minutes before popping each little packet of goodness into a freezer bag ready for defrosting when baby was hungry. There was no Tetris games to play with the freezer to fit the tupperwear containers in the freezer, it was one bag of cupcake sized portion of veges all in one bag and lovingly labeled. She does everything like this, even fruits. What a clever cookie I thought……pity I’ve only discovered it after 4 kids are out of the pureed vegetable stage. Is that a good enough excuse to have another baby? Worth a try 😉



  1. Natalie

    Needing smaller portions…………….ice cube trays………..I did this and it allowed me to up or down portion sizes easily, but great for adding fruits to yogurts, cereals, custards as well. Zip lock bags were the best thing to be invented. I believe I had heard a mummy doing this with breast milk as well………

  2. Peonie

    I love Rafferty’s Garden. They are a god send. So cheap, great variety and i even like the taste of their pureed fruits and custards 🙂

    Oh, and Rafferty’s Garden was invented by a Daddy after his son was born (and his wife was sadly dying) 😦

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