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Dear Hubby: This Year I Promise I’ll Watch the Footy

Dear Hubby,

Have been thinking a lot about the things I used to do to ensure you ‘liked’ me in the early days and how much that has changed in the years since. After ten years, I now feel comfortable enough to tell you that I never liked the Star Wars trilogy. No, I didn’t want to go to your house for our first real ‘date’ to spend 6 hours watching the trilogy. I do wonder if I hadn’t implied that I loved Star Wars, would we be married and have 4 kids now?  It was a defining moment to the start of our relationship!

Another thing I implied that I loved was footy and yet nowadays I groan and moan every time I see a footy game pop up on the tele on a Saturday night. For that I’m sorry.

The fact that I have never really got into footy isn’t my fault. I’m a girl and for many girls (and I can’t say all girls) the only time we really and truly enjoy sport is when they’re trying to show a boy they like them. This is often during the teenage years when we would all spend hours in front of the mirror planning our outfits for what we would wear to the annual Joey’s Riverview rugby game in the hope that we would be able to spend a fleeting moment parading past the pimply faced teenage boys that we had a terribly serious crushes on for all of Year 9.  That was about as involved in footy as I would ever get.

That said, each year as I do watch my facebook feed over the various other females in my life who are invariably screaming at the tele over their chosen footy team and their wins and losses. I’ve always been envious that their passion is not fake, they really do understand the rules, they enjoy the game,  they own the scarf and jersey, they have a favourite player and can make intelligent remarks about the players and their form. Those same friends make the effort to take their kids on public transport to ‘experience’ the games, which let’s face it, is an Aussie tradition. Yes, I know the last time I got on a bus was the Olympics but all of that is about to change.

With this in mind and as the mother of 3 young boys and one girl who’s invariably going to spend her teen years watching them play, I have realized that to ensure they become real footy playing and footy loving Aussie boys, their mother has to encourage this behaviour and love of the game. So this year, I’m going to make a commitment to footy. Yes, I’ll commit to following all codes, I’ve chosen teams to follow and I’ve made a start by understanding when they play and how I can get involved. I may even enter a footy tipping comp.

It’s a big commitment but I think if I can learn the rules, get to know the players and go to a game or two, my passion for footy by the end of the season could be as good as the success I’ve had with Jenny Craig – worth a shot? Hell yeah…..

My previous experience with footy has been a preference (in the following order) of Rugby Union, AFL and then a long way off was Rugby League but given our boys go to a school where a commitment to a League team is as much a part of the curriculum as homework, I have made my call on the teams I will support this year and I will follow League and will try to change my perception of the game! .



Rugby Union – The Wallabies of course, yes I do remember that in my wedding vows you made me commit to supporting the Wallabies at all times despite holding an NZ passport (which has also since been relinquished in favour of the Aussie one, as per the wedding vows)






Super Rugby – Waratahs – this one is a no brainer, we live here, we support the Tah’s – that much I know.







 AFL – The Giants – Always love supporting an underdog and as the newest team in the AFL, we should support them. Given that we live on the border of their target area, the Giants have my support. Ever since I had a meeting and presentation with Greater Western coach Kevin Sheedy about his plans for the team a few years ago, I was impressed. Sheedy’s passion for the game, in creating something new and introducing a new generation of kids to AFL is infectious. He’s also a big fan of working with the indigenous people of Australia and a person we can all learn something from. The Giants have my support and hopefully that will rub off on our kids. Plus, if they ever win a Premiership, I’ll be able to say “I supported them since the very first game they ever played”
Rugby League – Ok, I’m committing to the Parramatta Eels on this one. Growing up in a League supporting household, I must say that I feel like a traitor to go against the mighty Tigers (what happened to the North Sydney Bears by the way, looked for them today – gone?) Anyway, in supporting the  Eels I do suspect our boys will be happy as I’ve often heard them say that’s who we support.

So, here’s what I’m committing to – 4 teams, 3 codes, a shitload of footy and a game of two for each code at each stadium over winter. At the end of it, I’m hoping to be able to tell you all about the players form, the referees mistakes, the table and who I’ll back in the semi’s and finals. All I ask of you is, during the off season can I get two hours every weekend to take our daughter out for a manicure and pedicure?

AFL Greater Western Sydney
Round Vs Date Time Where
1 Sydney 24-Mar-12 7:20pm ANZ
2 North Melbourne 8-Apr-12 1:10pm Blundstone
3 West Coast Eagles 15-Apr 1:10pm Blacktown
4 Adelaide 21-Apr-12 4:10pm AAMI
5 Western Bulldogs 28-Apr-12 1:40pm Manuka
6 Carlton 6-May-12 1:10pm Etihad
7 Gold Coast 12-May-12 1:40pm Manuka
8 Bris Lions 20-May-12 1:10pm Gabba
9 Essendon 26-May-12 7:40pm Skoda
10 Geelong Cats 2-Jun-12 1:45pm Simonds
11 BYE
12 Richmond 16-Jun-12 2:10pm Skoda
13 Melbourne 24-Jun-12 1:45pm Melbourne
14 Sydney 30-Jun-12 7:40pm ANZ
15 Hawthorn 8-Jul-12 1:10pm Melbourne
16 Adelaide 15-Jul-12 1:10pm Skoda
17 Fremantle 22-Jul-12 2:40pm Skoda
18 Collingwood 28-Jul-12 4:40pm Skoda
19 Port Adelaide 4-Aug-12 2:10pm Skoda
20 Gold Coast 11-Aug-12 4:40pm Metricon
21 Melbourne 18-Aug-12 2:10pm Manuka
22 St Kilda 25-Aug-12 1:45pm Etihad
23 North Melbourne
Rugby Waratahs
Round Vs Date Time Where
2 Rebels 2-Mar-12 7:40pm AAMI Melb
3 Highlanders 10-Mar-12 5:35pm Dunedin
4 Force 17-Mar 7:40pm SFS Sydney
5 Sharks 24-Mar-12 3:35pm SFS Sydney
6 Chiefs 31-Mar-12 5:35pm Hamilton
8 Force 13-Apr-12 9:10pm Perth
9 Rebels 21-Apr-12 7:40pm SFS Sydney
10 Crusaders 29-Apr-12 4:10pm SFS Sydney
11 Brumbies 5-May-12 7:40pm Canberra
12 Bulls 11-May-12 7:40pm SFS Sydney
13 Stormers 20-May-12 3:10pm Capetown
14 Cheetahs 27-May-12 1:05pm Bloemfontein
15 Hurricanes 2-Jun-12 4:40pm SFS Sydney
16 BYE
17 Brumbies 7-Jul-12 7:40pm ANZ Sydney
18 Reds 14-Jul-12 7:40pm Suncorp
NRL Parramatta Eels
Round Vs Date Time Where
1 Broncos 2-Mar-12 7:30pm Parramatta
2 Warriors 12-Mar-12 7:00pm Parramatta
3 Cowbows 17-Mar 6:30pm Dairy Farmers
4 Panthers 23-Mar-12 7:30pm Parramatta
5 Sea Eagles 31-Mar-12 7:30pm Parramatta
6 Knights TBC TBC Hunter Stadium


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