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The TomKat Divorce – When you think about it, it was kind of obvious!

I have no idea why but the TomKat divorce got me hook line and SINKER. I could not get enough of it and I’m not sure why. I’m not a massive Tom Cruise fan but do have full respect for movies like Top Gun & Rain Man & A Few Good Men –  excellent work. Ever since he ‘blindsided’ our Nicole and divorced her about 5 minutes before their 10th wedding anniversary I have however been a bit obsessed with his life (is it bad that 11 years later I am only JUST starting to feel sorry for Nic, sympathetic and yes even admire her for her courage in not letting details leak as they have with the TomKat saga? – Go Nic, your hubby is HOT and lovely, respect!). There certainly was some odd stuff around the Tom/Nic marriage and subsequent divorce but I honestly wanted to believe it was true love and that these ‘marriage contracts’ or whatever they are that bind two celebrity type people together with money was just a figment of the media’s imagination.

Perhaps I was just naïve but Mum always told me to never believe what I read in magazines(this was at a time where “Princess Di is having an Affair/is bullemic/threherself down stairs” type headlines were coming out, we ALL wanted to believe in that fairytale, hard to believe IT WAS ALL TRUE!) So, I didn’t believe a thing in mags……. until I started to work in media. Then I started to question how some things came to be and how we’re manipulated by the media. How pretty much EVERYONE who worked in an A or B list celebrity household was on the payroll of a magazine or website how celebrities themselves would ‘tip off’ the media as to where they would be at certain times to maintain their image and profile. When we look back now though, it’s actually easy to see how Katie won the PR war with the tips to the media coming out on a daily basis (have you noticed how EVERYTHING has gone quiet now and the ‘unamed sources’ are no longer talking!?!?

It’s also not surprising to see how TomKat fell apart, I mean is it just me or are you kicking yourself for not coming  to this conclusion yourself after seeing her week in week out looking disheveled or just not ‘done up’ and genuinely looking miserable with no friends to speak of. I honestly think that even I put more effort into what I wear some days after looking back on Katie’s efforts and she always looked sad – how did the weekly magazines not pick up on that one? Having looked at EVERY detail of this story (I know, pathetic isn’t it), I’ve happened across how quickly this union all came together and fell apart;

a)    They were together for 1 whole month when Cruise did his weird couch jumping “I’m in LURVE” moves (Yep got together in APRIL 2005, he was jumping on Oprah’s sofa in MAY 2005)

b)   By October 2005 they were announcing Katie was pregnant with their first child (Suri, born in April 2006) and by November 2006 they were married in a spectacular ceremony in Italy (yes, got together, baby and married within 19 months, no wonder they could work out that divorce so quickly).

c)    She went from naturally pretty and feel good Dawson’s Creek actress to interational A-lister and fashion glamourpuss overnight. Remember the short bob that her and Posh both had, she really got her fashion mojo together with access to A-list events, designers and stylists at her disposal.  But….it mustn’t have been the ‘real’ Katie as all that stopped very quickly as she returned to being ‘Mother of Suri”, it was almost as if she was honestly told to keep quiet and bring her A game when and if Tom asked, in the meantime, low profile and no friends allowed.

d)   In the beginning, she looked like she had friends, lots of friends, new friends who suited her A-list hubby and lifestyle like Posh and Becks but what happened to them? Why wasn’t she photographed with them anymore?

e)    I saw an interview where in the VERY early stages of her relationship she said that Scientology fascinated her and that she had started Auditing and that it was really starting to help her. This is evidence of a young girl who was clearly swept off her feet with no idea what she was getting into. If the claims that Scientology was at the heart of the breakup are to be believed, I wonder if she’s kicking herself now? Furthermore, why does his religion dictate that he must convert his partner to Scientology, I’m not the same religion as my hubby and it doesn’t cause us any issues despite one having stronger beliefs than the another.

f) Apparently the head of Scientology’s wife set Tom and Katie up in a very orchestrated ‘find me a wife type arrangement’ – um, she is now missing or hasn’t been seen for years, won’t go there, that’s just weird.

I don’t know why we were all so shocked or interested in why it fell apart, perhaps it is the secrecy of Scientology or that it gave us some insight into what happened to Nicole or that the power of the media and a good PR machine can bring down an A-list celebrity. Did Facebook and Twitter sharing prove more powerful than his bank accounts and star power? They certainly weren’t around when he split with Nic so no wonder he was blindsided.

With all of this in mind as I scour my weekly magazines for more and more gossip on TomKat, I wondered what else ‘may’ happen what the mags may have missed, such as:

–       Will Jennifer Garner be next? She always looks so normal on her trips to the grocery store with the kids but she too is rarely smiling.

–       Who is the Papparazzi following Delta and Darren McMullan in Los Angeles and how are they finding them? Bit suss to me.

–       Why is Gwenyth Paltrow NEVER photographed with her hubby Chris Martin?

–       How do photographers get those candid non blurry pics of any couple frolicking on a beach in the Seychelles – I mean, it’s not like it’s a $200 flight away.

–       How to Angie and Brad keep their images so squeaky clean?

–       Is Kim Kardashian’s life totally orchestrated for the camera’s?

Despite the constant speculation that the downfall of magazines is near, it takes a scandal like the TomKat divorce to boost circulations as small minded folk like myself devour every last detail and therein lies the sole reason why magazines still have a place in my life at least. Despite Katie filing for divorce and settling within 11 days (yes, it was only 11 days that we’ve been living in the TomKat daily bubble!) I have no doubt the mags will push the story out for at least another 6 months……the headlines we have to look forward to are: “Suri, all alone and being passed from one parent to another”, “Katie’s New Love”, “Tom’s New Love”, “Katie’s Regret – Why did I divorce Tom?”, “Katie says – Tom Who?”  and no doubt there will be a few in there with a mention for Nicole, Bella and Conner because the media will never let that one go. This time round however, I think I might just give a little more credit to the old adage “where there’s smoke……there’s fire”

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  1. DM

    Clearly, you are right, ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’. It may be a bit of stereotyping but it so often rings true. Glad for Katie and Suri. Do you think Katie knew she was hand picked and chosen?

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