The Mum Network

The Mum Network is back!

I’ve just checked The Mum Network BLOG posts and I haven’t posted for a year. In that time the site has received thousands of visits and I’ve been offline having a grand ole life – uh huh. So due to popular demand, a little bit of convincing (thanks Stu and Ro), I’m back at work opinionating about all things we Mum’s opinionate on………this is a network and not exclusively for the Mamma crowd, Dad’s Gen Y’s are all welcome here., haters are not so remain kind to one another and if you can’t be kind, be quiet.

This is one of the best jobs in the world as I run my own business, choose the hours and play Mum all at the same time. I may get a little more serious about it all when school goes back but until then I’m feeling very grateful to have been able to enjoy and relax during what has had to have been Sydney’s most spectacular summer yet.

So, in my year off I have………had baby number 5, finished renovating 80% of the house (still have a pergola to put up and a bucket load of landscaping to do), celebrated 10 years of marriage, kept number 4 kid out of hospital with his asthma, ran the school Fun Fair, smashed it and made a record profit, made some incredible friends, welcomed a niece and a nephew, became Godmother to my cousin’s beautiful third son and realized that there is nothing more important than FAMILY (Do I sound like a Kardashian yet?)

This year there are no real plans, more blogging and threatening the kids that if they don’t behave I may just go out and get another real job which involves a nanny and less after school activities – time will tell but until then……Here goes, welcome to 2014!


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