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If you have kids, stand up and applaud Barry O’Farrell

Look, no one is perfect and Premiers and Prime Ministers are far from it but I SERIOUSLY LOVE BARRY O’FARRELL TODAY. LOVE HIM. 

Following the tragic and senseless deaths of Cowards Punch victims,  Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie, the Premier has introduced new laws that will hopefully minimize the violence we are seeing all too frequently in the city.

In my opinion, Barry is an action man. He listens and it may be popularist and reactive BUT THAT IS HIS JOB. Shit has happened. Two beautiful young boys are dead as a result of drugs and alcohol. He has acted. Bless you Barry.

There are no ‘complete’ answers to these problems and parents must educate their children to understand that hitting, punching and generally behaving like a dickhead is unacceptable in our society. No one wants to take away the fun of being a young adult and going out with your friends to clubs and pubs but everyone deserves to feel safe. 

 The Triple M Grill Team conducted a fabulous interview with the Premier this morning where he explained the new laws he announced yesterday. Put simply, he made sense and put the first of many steps in place to eradicate the violence that is going on in the Sydney CBD streets at the moment. 

In the interview this morning, the Premier explained how in 2012 he and his Government undertook the first steps to stopping the violence by removing glass in clubs and pubs and installing RSA marshalls to monitor the Cross. He also placed a ban on shots in Kings Cross from midnight and drug dogs were put in to patrol. Assaults in venues dropped significantly – but not on the streets.

 Sensible MUCH? Uh huh! 

Yesterday Barry announced further moves to stop the violence on the streets, these included:

1.  A 1:30am lockout CBD and Cross (Pubs Clubs) – you cannot move between venues after 1:30am.

2. An end to drinks in all vanues at 3am 

3. All bottle shops to close at 10pm

4. A one punch law where there is now an 8 year minimum mandatory sentence where drugs or booze involved and 20 year max for 1 punch but 25 max when drugs and alcohol are involved 

5. The use of younger looking adults and underage minors in covert police operations to catch out any clubs catering to underage drinkers. 

Sadly, the two young men killed were both 18 years old, killed at almost the same spot in the Cross and at 9pm and 10pm at night. It’s unclear if these laws would have prevented their deaths but it’s certain these laws will prevent deaths in the future. It’s the first of many measure that will need to be put in place to curb the violence.

Brave Barry, Bravo.

You can hear the full Triple M Interview here 

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