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My advice to self if I were pregnant with no 1 baby again:

Now that you’ve had kids, what would you tell yourself if you were pregnant with baby no 1?

I love a bit of retrospective advice. It’s great to be able to look back at yourself with wonder at your own stupidity, enthusiasm and fear. With my 5th child now under my belt and a gazillion ooohs and ahhhhhs about what a good kid he is, I couldn’t help but wonder, did it take me 5 kids to get it right or was it a complete fluke that this one is just easy and awesome? I think experience plays a huge part  in getting it right but my no 4 could also lay that theory to rest….so with that in mind…..

My advice to self if I were pregnant with no 1 baby again:

  1. Love your body and your boobs. They will never be the same again.
  2. Do not listen to the feminists and angry fat people. You DO need to watch your weight during pregnancy. It is NOT an excuse to eat the entire fridge. Fat people are as unhealthy as smokers and drug addicts but more likely to die and you will get diabetes – scared yet? Good, put the pie and Mango Weiss bar DOWN NOW. You have no idea how hard it will be to move that weight later on.
  3. Ask for the epidural. Early. No one is dishing out awards for drug free births.
  4. Take all the help you can get in the hospital and yes, put the baby in the crèche and get some sleep.
  5. Knitted booties are ridiculous. Don’t even try. Actually knitted everything is ridiculous.
  6. You can get pregnant when breastfeeding. It will happen to you.
  7. Babies cry. Deal with it. Do not pick the baby up every time it cries. If you do this constantly you will be a slave to the child forever. FOREVER.
  8. Leave buying toys for Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. You will hate toys by the time the child is 6 months old. A water bottle with rice in it provide the same level of entertainment as a Fisher Price toy. Oh but do give the kid an ipad, from birth. This is the only thing they will ever care about, ever.
  9. You can sleep train a child. If the baby wakes at 5am each morning, ignore it. 5am is not an acceptable time for anyone to be up unless they drive a taxi or a truck. Let the child learn to put itself back to sleep. You will appreciate this advice 5 years from now.
  10. Buy a shopping hook and coffee holder for the pram with the first baby. Don’t leave it till the 5th to discover these incredible inventions.
  11. Fruits and Vegetables. All the time. Never give up, they are what they eat.
  12. The personality traits they develop at 2 years of age tend to stay with them for life. Stay on top of that.
  13. Read. Read. Read. Read books to the child ALL THE TIME. Let them develop an early interest in reading and a thirst for knowledge.
  14. Television is your friend, so is Foxtel. Stop beating yourself up about it. Even adults need a couple of hours of TV to wind down from the day. The more you restrict it, the more they want it.
  15. If you need to work, do it while they’re young. Their needs are different as they get older and they need you around more, emotionally and physically.
  16. By number 5, you will get it right. Yes, you will have 5 kids. Prepare youself. Take the credit, you deserve it.
  17. Never judge. Never ever ever judge another mother. Yes, others will do things and approach parenthood differently to you but as soon as you judge another parent for their food choices, disciplinary actions, indulgent bribery or over competitive ways your child will do something so horrid that you wish you’d never opened your mouth!  Karma wins every time.

What advice would you give yourself if you were having number 1 again!?!






  1. Rebecca Hunt

    Don’t EVER take Obstetrics/Gynocology cover off your private health insurance, EVER as “the pill” is not 100% effective!!!

    • @Bec that’s hilarious, but sound advice!

      One that I would add is to work out with your partner who is on duty for the night. There is no point in both partners getting broken sleep all the time – you should take turns for who gets up & feeds / settles the baby so that the other one can sleep. If mum is breastfeeding, Dad can still get up and get the baby out of the cot and hand him/her over.

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