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My Amazing INSTAGRAM summer.

I’ve totally pulled my finger out these holidays and socialized to the max. Christmas, New Year and upcoming Australia Day events have kept my brood firmly entrenched with their friends and entertained way more than past summer holidays however one thing has struck me as rather odd. Each time I catch up with my Mummy friends the same thing is said “Gee, it looks like you guys are having a GREAT summer, wow you’ve been busy, it looks Ah-mazing”

This is the by product of posting your entire life on social networks. My excuse is that my parents house burned down in a bushfire many years ago and we saved nothing.  I now post all my pictures to at least 2 social networks. Just incase. The pitfall of this oversharing is that my entire life is up on Facebook & Instagram for my nearest and dearest 400+ friends and family to stalk. I am clearly also a 30 something narcissist who doesn’t mind people perving into my family’s daily activities.

The odd bit of all of this sharing is that we haven’t actually done anything particularly amazing as hubby and I have only just realized we have 5 kids. Previously I think we were just pretending the youngest two were still newborns and didn’t count. So now that a trip to Wet and Wild is going to cost oh, about $5000 for a day, we’ve needed to really think about what we do, with whom, when and how many family tickets will cover our ‘family’.

This summer we’ve visited almost every park in Sydney’s North, East and West. We’ve done bike rides. Had lots of kids over for play dates and sleepovers. We did a Sydney Kings game. We’ve done every beach and harbourside quasi-beach with playground and park in one. We’ve let the kids film toy

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 11.15.07 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 11.15.41 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 11.15.51 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 11.16.04 PM

reviews of their Christmas toys and make videos of their Lego efforts on time lapse. We went up to our farm in the Hunter Valley and spent a lot of time at the public pools in Singleton and hubby did a trip to the Powerhouse museum today but that’s over a 6 week period. To me, that’s just ordinary normal holiday stuff. It’s not anymore exciting than what most families would try to do to entertain the kids. It’s not Disneyland nor is it the Gold Coast or Fiji or a cruise (must write about cruises in the next couple of days). We’ve pretty much stayed put so why do all my friends think I’ve had an amazing, functional and happy Summer?


Yep, I’ve instagrammed the crap out of every picture I’ve taken. I’m addicted. It’s not been intentional but I now put LoFi filters on everything and it makes everything look better.  Water, Children, Husbands, Instant tan – yep, there’s a filter for that, fat tuckshop lady arm? Just crop it out. Instagram is like photoshop for advertisers but you’re advertising your own life. Look at me, here are my feet, on a beach with clear blue water, looking like an edited pic for Vogue. Instagram is not yet mainstream with the older, late adopter, stalker crowd. It’s a haven away from the stalkers, judgers and people whom you don’t want to comment on your life. I have one friend who is enjoying her social privacy so much that when her mother asked her about the new social network she told her Mum that “she wouldn’t be able to afford it as it was too expensive for her”. Another is so scared that her in laws might find her on Instagram that she’s changed her name entirely. But I digress….Instagram has an unintentional ability to put a bit of porn into your life. It all looks better on screen.

And with that……I have just realized my amazing Summer has now been exposed. It’s all been a sham. All we did is go to the park.

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