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Where to buy school shoes – the best deals and prices

This time of year can strike fear into another mother. The back to school shop. I’ve had many an argument/discussion with friends about why Bostik glue has a better reputation with teachers and how I have been known to get into very physical ‘me first’ fights with other Mums over the last glue sticks on the shelves. This year I had to buy 13 glue sticks, I went with UHU because I didn’t have the energy to get in the car and drive 6kms down the road for Bostik. I will apologise to the teacher with a nice Christmas present.

The other major fear I have is buying kids school shoes. The area we live in has a number of shoe shops but for some reason every parent in the area chooses to go to Shoes and Sox and the line up can be longer than the one to see Santa. It’s something I often put off until two days before school goes back so I’m sure every other mother in the line up is wanting to punch themselves as well. What were we thinking.

Usually I take last year’s pair (to avoid children having to make a choice) and we whip through like a military operation of simple yes/no answers to the fitter’s questions followed by extreme bribery if the kids simply ‘follow the nice lady’s instructions’. This year I’ve decided to shop around, I think Mathers may be the go as our local store has 20% off the first pair and 50% off the second pair. NICE!

I did some research thought and didn’t realize the value  for money for those families wanting to ensure that they get the best deals.

I searched the Clarks Daytona shoe which is a basic black boys shoe, here’s what we found:

1. Target have a leather shoe which looks exactly like the Clarks Daytona for $29 – uh huh!
2. Mathers are 20% off (online but they may have bigger discounts in store) at $99
3. Kmart don’t want you to know anything at all and simply give you a link to your nearest store.
4. Big W only have Grosby’s which is apparently a good brand if you want a cheaper alternative $30
5. Shoes and Sox have the same deal at Mathers, 20% off so $99 for a pair of Daytona’s. Their loyalty program gives you your 7th pair of shoes free.
6. Myer are still kidding themselves by telling you they are offering 25% off however the shoes still came in at $124 when I went to the online checkout
7. David Jones online surprised the living daylights out of me with a genuine 25% off meaning the shoes came in at $93.81
8. If you know what you want this could be a winner, Clarks online offer 20% off so $99 PLUS free delivery and a $50 voucher to for each pair of shoes purchased.

This extensive research took me all of 1/2 an hour so worth it to know where you can get the best deals.

Happy Shopping!


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