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The Difference Between Justin Bieber, Lindsey Lohan, Brittney Spears and Miley Cyrus

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has watched my Facebook feed this morning as my newsfeed filled with Justin Beiber’s mug shot (and subsequent memes) after being arrested for drag racing and DUI (How on earth are those pics released so quickly and why?).

I’m genuinely sad that Beebs has turned into a turd. It’s been a slow and steady demise but it’s been a certain one. Yes Baby…Baby was a cheesy song but anyone discovered by Usher was going to have a huge future, cheesy or not and even back then, the kid could sing and dance. I liked the floppy haircut, I loved that he loved Selena Gomez and most of all, I liked his Mum. She always had his best interests at heart, she was young, a teen Mum, she got it and she kept him grounded for as long as she could but when you have 13.5 million Instagram followers and a whopping 48million twitter followers telling you they worship the ground you walk on – what chance did he have? You can only keep drug and alcohol use secret for a short amount of time in Hollywood as everyone is on the take and where there’s smoke….there’s fire and people LURVE to blab. Slowly but surely Beeb’s nearest and dearest have been blabbing to the press about his drug use. Beeb’s has also been naughty and thrown eggs at his neighbours leading to police completing a search of his home and finding drugs in his house) Where are the sensible people in the music industry or the publicists who have the power to reign a big star in when they’re on the brink of self destruction?  Do they have a responsibility to keep stars straight?

Innocent little Beebs early in his career

Innocent little Beebs early in his career

What happens next in Justin’s story is likely to make or break him. He may not lose his entire following of “Beliebers” as he calls them as they are likely to grow up at some point and perhaps see through the “I’m too cool for myself’ show.

Sadly it looks like Beiber is heading down the same path as Brittney Spears.

Britney Spears just before she was admitted to hospital

Britney Spears just before she was admitted to hospital

The now 31 year old pop princess has been under the conservatorship of her dad Jamie for the past 5 years. A conservatorship is a legal agreement where a parent or guardian looks after the financial affairs of their child. Clearly she’s still not well enough to look after her own affairs. Brittney was hospitalized in 2008 on an involuntary psychiatric hold. Drugs and Alcohol. Again.

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested multiple times

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested multiple times

Lindsey Lohan’s downfall has been long and painful after 6  arrests, rehab, community service, public breakdowns, partying with Mum till the wee hours of the morming and now a final chance where Oprah, of all people, has given her $2million + a $16,500 per month apartment to star in her own reality show. This really is her last chance and she’s come close to blowing it a couple of times with Queen Oprah who’s patience is wearing thin.  She’s currently drugs and alcohol free but once an addict, always an addict, she will battle her demons for many years to come.

Miley twerks all over Robin Thicke

Miley twerks all over Robin Thicke

I was out at dinner last year, around the time Miley’s VMA twerking on Robin Thicke came out. There was a lot of conversation around what Miley meant and, as mothers, what we thought of her as an artist and role model for kids. Most of my friends recognised it for what it was – PUBLICITY.  I think Miley has looked back a few decades to see who had longevity and kept their careers alive for a long time, I’m fairly sure she looked at Madonna, the mother of re-invention, and thought “I need to be like her”. There’s something remarkably different about Miley compared to the others. Miley’s ‘controversies’ seem to be very orchestrated. I mean the tongue hanging out isn’t a birth defect, that’s very planned and purposeful. She’s not been arrested, she’s just trying to shock and be sexy. I’m not sure why we’re all shocked though, does anyone remember Madonna’s sex book? Far out, imagine if that was released today! Miley manages to shock the world one week and then appear on the red carpet looking relatively demure the next.  Yes she’s admitted to smoking marijuana, she’s even done it on stage where it’s legal in some countries but I can’t help but wonder if Miley is doing it for the  headlines. She seems on top of her game, no one is blabbing about drug use or her losing the plot behind closed doors.

It’s all a bit of a game with Miley and as planned, the media are feeding right into her hands.

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