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What it means to be Australian

Australia Day tomorrow. I LOVE AUSTRALIA DAY. It’s when you get to do incredibly Australian things like wear the Aussie flag as a face tattoo and eat lamb, sausages and beef all on one plate. It’s a day to have time out with friends and family, jump in the pool and just appreciate how much we have. So, here we go, what it means to be Australian and a big congrats to Adam Goodes, Australian of the Year. Muchly deserved.


Being Australian means you do not need be born here to be part of our society and our culture and considered Australian.

Being Australian means loving our national anthem but not knowing all the words.

Being Australian means the person sitting next to you may not look like you but it’s likely they are now a 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation born in this country.

Being Australian means accepting that Sam Kekovich has all but taken over Australia Day and now we eat lamb, supposedly the national Kiwi dish.

Being Australian means being able to laugh at yourselves and one another.

Being Australian means watching the Boxing Day test even though you don’t understand what leg side means.

Being Australian means chanting Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi at sporting events despite cringing every time you do it.

Being Australian means wearing a bikini, burkini, business suit or wetsuit and being comfortable with who you are and respecting others as well.

Being Australian means being able to practice any religion at any time or none at all, whatever takes your fancy and not be judged by what you choose to practice.

Being Australian means knowing that politicians only say “Fair Dinkum” during election campaigns.

Being Australian means being able to say Sorry to the Aboriginal people and to your spouse and mates as well.

Being Australian means flying the flag proudly as a mark of respect, not as a mark of racism.

Being Australian means being able to claim you have spent more time in Bali or Thaliand than you have at Uluru or the Whitsundays.

Being Australian is being able to participate in idle sporting banter with Kiwi’s and Pom’s and still having a healthy respect for one another.

Being Australian means BBQ’s with sausages, swimming pools, sprinklers and beers but ensuring there’s a salad or two on the table for your vegetarian hipster mates.

Being Australian means knowing all the words to Khe Sanh, Thunderstruck, I still call Australia home, Beds are Burning, You’re the Voice and Land Downunder and singing them at the top of your lungs in pubs and in your car.

Being Australian means being proud of our day, Australia Day and taking the time out to appreciate everything we have. Not everyone is as fortunate as well are in this beautiful country. Appreciate it for what it is.

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