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School’s Back – A first Time School Mum Shares

By Naomi Higgins

My twin girls are about to start primary school this week……they are the first of my brood of 4 kids to go to “big school” and i cannot wait. But why do I feel guilty about saying that out loud? I read a lot of blogs and comments from other mothers who are so sad that their kids are starting school and they are already preempting the tears that will come when they drop their kids to school on day one. I, on the other hand, could do a cartwheel. And its not because I don’t love my girls, but its because i am excited for them. I am excited that they will continue to learn. I am excited that they get to be independent of each other (we are separating them into different class rooms). I am excited to return to some structured routine for the family and to see them exhausted from using their brains and bodies non-stop.

There is a small element of nervousness about how they will cope when they fall in the playground or get picked on by someone, but I hope they will be brave and know we will be there for them come 3pm. And hopefully they will be kind to all and try their best. We try and remind them of this daily when we are chatting about preschool and big school. But back to the fist pumps…I am excited that i have only two kids under 5yrs at home Mon–Fri, and that our 3.5yr old will be going to preschool two days a week, which means on Thursdays and Fridays i only have one child at home from 9am–3pm (I have never known that feeling). I have also run out of holiday ideas and want to return to my structured weeks of swim & sport classes and my few spin classes that I have missed.
I have been endlessly piecing together our weekly timetable for the last few weeks. Who needs to go where and when and how. Running a family of 6 busy and energetic people requires a lot of planning and organisation. But that’s the key. Get it right from the beginning and the weeks are smooth. I think i have finally got it all sorted (well….still awaiting one timetable change for the swim class) but largely, we are organised.
So roll on this Thursday…..we are ready and I am pumped and there won’t be tears but high fives. I am so proud of the little people that they are becoming and we can’t wait to see how they continue to grow. Its 2014 and we are determined for it to be an excellent year.
How are you feeling about the week ahead?

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