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Why every parent can do a little dance this week – School is BACK!

Happy Chinese New Year for tomorrow everyone – I always wanted to be a little bit Chinese but that’s another story for another time because today is a day for another celebration…………


Don’t get me wrong, I love my little cherubs but as one friend put it today, our last day of holidays was just one too many.

After 6 fabulous weeks, this last one has just been very long week. Our school have things called Mathematical Assessment Interviews (MAI’s) for the three days leading up to day 1 of school which for us, is Friday.  Yes our school is possibly the last one in the southern hemisphere to let the bigger kids go back to school and it’s been one day too many!

Basically the teachers have a one on one appointment for about 45 mins with each child to assess their mathematical ability. The teachers I’ve talked to love it because they get precious time with new kids they don’t know and get a feel for their personality as well as their mathematical ability. My kids have all been so feral this week that I’m not sure they showed their teachers their best side of their personalities. Miss 6 told her teacher she was simply too tired to complete one of the tasks and Mr 9 was only in his interview for what seemed to be 10 minutes so I’m hoping they don’t stop the interview when the kid can’t complete any more tasks or we’re screwed! Mr 8 as usual was simply too cool to tell me anything about his interview as he high fived his mates in the corridors comparing how much bloody Lego they all got for Christmas.

Which led me to today – epic fail on all fronts.

–       Took kids to shops to buy groceries and socks – who takes 5 kids grocery shopping? Everyone fought. The fights started on the seating arrangements in the Tarago and followed shortly thereafter with who had ‘dibs’ on pushing the pram. Mr 3 bit Miss 6 hard on the arm in front of a friend and so I threatened to do horrid things to him on the way home like send him to boarding school (no harm done, this kid simply threatens me back with “well I’m going to send YOU to boarding school” – oh I WISH HE WOULD. Friend didn’t seem amused in the slightest.

–       Felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of socks I had neglected to pair over the summer so just chucked them all out and started over. Bought  80 pairs of socks. Had intended to spend $50 – spent $100 on SOCKS. FML. Meantime smarty pants Mr 8 decides he’s a genius after all and managed to mentally add up everything I’m spending in every shop “well that’s $264 at Aldi and $120 at the fruit and vege shop and $113 at Kmart so wow Mum, you have spent $497 (I had to use a calculator just now to work that out), that’s nearly enough to buy the Lego Death Star” – bloody Lego.

– Mr 3 came home and tried on all 14 pairs of his new socks and determined he hated all but two pairs. He has a ‘thing’ with socks.  He will honestly never wear 12 of those pairs again.

–       Decided that they all needed a serve of fish and vegetables. Served lovely dinner, no one ate any of it. They all made themselves noodles instead (yes, they cook but only from neglect rather than good parenting)

–       Found uniforms in washing basket still waiting to be ironed from December last year. Realised that Mr 9 has grown out of everything. He is going to school naked tomorrow.

You get the gist….we’ve all been there, it just went from bad to worse and all I could think was I can’t wait for school to go back so here are a few reasons we should all be clicking our heels and doing a little jig tomorrow.


  1. Routine Routine Routine!
  2. Everyone has a reason to sleep in their own beds and not sleep where they fall.
  3. The house will stay clean for at least 6 hours at a time.
  4. No more enduring the fighting over who gets the better Playstation controller, iPad, Nintendo DS, PS Vita and other contraptions & devices.
  5. Grocery bills across the country will half.
  6. Time to work (yes kids, your parents work, we’ve simply been hanging around because it’s not legal to leave you at home alone – yet)
  7. Having some time to go to the gym and get Beyonce’s body.
  8. No more reasons for kids to be bored. Homework, Music practise, Footy training, Netball – no more bored for you lot anymore!
  9. Early nights to bed for kids where parents can actually get some peace at night before heading off to bed early themselves!
  10. No more “But I’m chlorine clean” excuses.
  11. No more parental guilt trips as you rely on friends and family to look after kids as you juggle work and holidays
  12. Normal healthy dinners involving meat, fish & veges EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.
  13. No more washing 45 different outfits per day – one uniform, per day – wear it till it’s threadbare.
  14. Quiet. Peace and Quiet.

And so let 2014 begin……..until 9 weeks from now where we all start saying “can’t wait for holidays to begin”…

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