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It’s so quiet right now.

Oh Em Gee – Can you hear that? No you can’t because there’s nothing. It’s quiet. I can’t actually believe it. THERE IS NO NOISE RIGHT NOW. No fighting, splashing, no dull tones of Muuuuuuuummmmmmmmm from the driveway where someone has taken a free shot at the basketball hoop without following the very strict rules of driveway basketball. There are no TV’s on. The playstation has been retired for the term. The lights are staying off. The house has not been messed up since it was tidied and I HAVE ONLY HAD TO DO ONE SET OF DISHES THIS MORNING. AMEN to school. I love you.


IT IS SILENT.  I want to jump in the pool naked and swim but I wont because a) that’s gross, even to me, I mean what if the neighbours see the white whale in the pool and b) the splashing may make a noise and wake one of the sleeping toddlers and if I could have my way right now, they will sleep till 3:30pm, just in time for chaos to once again ensue.


How easy it was to forget how delightfully peaceful it is at home with no children and no noise. I have achieved more work today since I left coffee with the girls at 11am than I have over the last 6 weeks, which has reminded me what an underachiever I have become over the summer. Coffee was only $4.70. Not the usual $40 for ridiculously over priced milkshakes and babycino’s. Rejoice!!!


No matter how many children you have, it’s easier without just one of them but today I am 3 down. I am quietly sitting watching my Facebook feed with envy as one of my best friends posts pics of her last child starting pre-school. She is child free. Wow, what a feeling of achievement that must be. I have had a child in nappies for the last 10 years. Ten years of nappies – the day my youngest is out of nappies I’m holding a massive party, you can all come .


Oh…..if you could bottle the silence, it would be a silent bottle. With no use to anyone but……whatever.


I did fail on all accounts this morning. Had intended to be uber organized and have uniforms and shoes all ready for cherubs to jump into after eating ridiculously healthy brekkie followed by home made juices. Reality was there was a mad rush to iron uniforms this morning and Mr 8 and Mr 9 are wearing each others uniforms. One looks homeless, the other looks like the Hulk.  They all ate Coco Pops with skim milk because “Mum, you forgot to buy ‘our’ milk last night!”  and I woke up too late to make juice. Yes 7:30am is the earliest I’ve been awake since December 20, 2013.


What a joy it was to sit with the girls for a back to school coffee this morning. They all look tanned and skinny. They all had that same glow of Back to School happiness on their faces. I love that there is no shame in being a little bit happy about today.


Email just through – “Your children’s sport days for term 1 are as follows:
Miss 6 are Mon and Tue
Mr 8 Tue and Thurs
Mr 9 Tues and Wed”


Right – every day except Fridays….I think – must go print and laminate that and stick on fridge alongside library days, reading days, news days and mufti days – bound to stuff it up.

Now where are those soccer and basketball uniforms…..never ends does it!

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