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Your guide to the best week in Aussie TV EVER!

If TV networks are to be believed, we need to set our DVR’s this Sunday night (Digital Video Recorders for the less tech savvy peeps) and prepare for THE BIGGEST AND BEST WEEK IN AUSTRALIAN TELEVISION EVER.

INXS: Never Tear Us Apart
Ever since the iconic INXS song “Never Tear Us Apart” was pumped late last year at every opportunity with teasers showing Samantha Jade looking (and sounding) freakily like Kylie Minoque, I WAS HOOKED. HOOKED I tell you! Who can’t remember when our innocent little Kyles was totally corrupted by bad boy Michael (Played by Luke Arnold) and then Paula and Tiger Lily and the drama, the sadness, the tragedy. If you were growing up in the 80’s and 90’s you too will want to watch INXS: Never Tear Us Apart at AEST 8:35am on Seven this Sunday night.

As Channel 9 Executives possibly stood in their Willoughby offices CHEERING that Australia’s most famous and bankable prisoner will potentially be released this week, they made the decision to move the Shapelle telemovie a night earlier to compete with Never Tear Us Apart. Not a great position for viewers to be in if you can’t record one and watch the other but understandable in ratings wars. You couldn’t buy timing like that, I would cheer too. Regardless, her story is polarizing and one that all of us will be watching or recording – make sure you see Shapelle at AEST 8:40pm Sunday night.

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 10.56.35 PM

Channel 10 will be hoping that Torah Bright (doesn’t she have the most marketable face and hair on the planet) and her fellow team members pull out a few 360 epic air-to-fakie, backside air duckfoots (whatever) to pull in viewers. She’s going for gold at 8:15pm on Sunday night so make sure you flip channels during the ads to see how she’s going! Most journos seem to be getting a lot of amusement out of the Sochi hashtag “Sochiproblems” and forgetting that many athletes have dedicated their entire lives to these moments. Don’t underestimate the skill these guys have and teach your kids about the Olympics. There’s a number of valuable lessons not to mention an entertaining way to teach kids about Geography and history in 24/7 Olympics. I’m currently watching the opening ceremony and wishing I’d paid a little more attention in history so that I could understand what’s going on!

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 10.57.51 PM

Monday also see’s the return of So You Think You Can Dance with new judge Paula Abdul, another great TV show that left our screens WAY too early last time. Talented dancers being taught new styles of dancing. You quickly pick up the terminology and find yourself saying “I don’t think those two had a connection with the choreography in that Hip Hop routine”. AEST 7:30pm on TEN, Monday night.

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 11.00.27 PM

Then we have our usual choice of MKR, The Block and The Biggest Loser to choose from.

The future of Australian Television is strong when we are producing strong content like this. Enjoy the entertainment folks!

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