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The hardest thing to clean off a floor…..

My sister and I were having our regular morning chat on the phone this morning when we both realized we were trying to clean our floors of the same problem.


Is there anything more difficult than cleaning up dried Weet-Bix? There’s an art to being able to time breakfast with getting out the door and cleaning fallen, tragic splats of Weet-Bix off every part of your kitchen before it hardens. If you don’t clean up because you’re late for work/school/daycare, the bowls need to go through the dishwasher at least 5 times and you’re doomed to a Cinderella type floor, chair and furniture clean for hours. It’s true, you’re nodding right now aren’t you!

I once again contemplated that perhaps I return to Coco Pops, Rice Bubbles or Nutri Grain but given that the largest value pack available of those sugary cereals lasts 2 days in this house, I realized I would be broke by next week and sending psychotic animals to school and pre-school on some kind of artificial carb high.

As I pulled out my standard morning equipment (toothbrush, razor, dish brush, jif and chux) to start the epic clean that my darling 1 and 3 year olds had left on the floor, kitchen, table, chairs – everywhere, little sis and I quipped about the other uses Sanitarium may wish to think about for their flagship product.

It got us thinking. If MasterChef could expand a TV show into cookware and Virgin Records could move into airlines, surely Weet-Bix had further uses than just brekkie cereal?

“I’m going to suggest to my builder that we use Weet-Bix to renovate our house, this stuff just won’t budge” she said.

Hmm, true. Weet-Bix Bricks. There’s an idea.

We kept going and it soon got ridiculous:

Weet-Bix Play Doh!

What about “WeetBix Face Masks”

Weet-Bix Weapons – imagine a hand grenade made of Weet-Bix.”

Weet-Bix Rice/Cous Cous and Quinoa”

Weet-bix Tooth Fillings

Anyway, in between flipping channels on Schapelle and googling random facts about Weetbix, I discovered that Australian’s eat approximately 1.4 billion Weet-Bix each year, and in 2010, the amount of Weet-Bix manufactured would’ve been enough to cover a soccer field up to 18 metres (59 feet) high (there’s a new fact to add to your upcoming trivia night knowledge)

Oh, and the bloody kiwi’s stole our ad


On that basis, my Aussie kids, will remain WeetBix kids for now.



What’s the most difficult thing you have to remove
that your kids fling onto your floor? 


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