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What I bought the Big Guy for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is the one day of the year I just don’t understand. It’s a day I compartmentalise for the 20 something insecure kids (yes we’re all still kids in our early twenties) who are in a new relationships and want their friends and work colleagues to know their new partner really likes them. Luckily for those kids, social media is now available to help them show off the $200 long stem roses that were bought and delivered on cue to work in time for the collective “Awwwwwww, She’s soooo lucky, what a great boyfriend!”


As I sit here lamenting the fact that an 11 year old boy was murdered by his father in Melbourne yesterday, that Schapelle is understood to have signed a 7 figure deal to tell her story and that E Channel is gushing over dresses that cost more than a deposit on a house, I decided to celebrate Valentines Day in my own way. Rather than just huff and puff over the commercialisation of yet another day (God knows, retailers need as much help as they can get at the moment), I dear hubby, decided to buy you a chicken. 


Yes, thanks to Care Australia, I was able to buy a chicken for a woman in a poor country who needs to feed her family. It wasn’t a lot, 13 bucks is all I spent but I always figure if you can give a little bit a few times a year, everyone wins. You get the warm fuzzy feeling that you’ve done something worthwhile and a family who really needs help genuinely benefits. See below for more information on the chicken.  




Many charities allow you to purchase a chicken, goat, fresh water school starter packs for kids in need, I chose Care Australia because I like their name and have donated to them before. 


So there you have it Big Guy – Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow. I don’t believe in the day at all as I’m a big fan of yours all year round (especially now that you do all the washing). Hopefully a few others will ditch the card/flowers thing and do the same.


For more information on Care Australia or how to buy a chicken click HERE



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