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Do you know what your partner does for a living?

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 12.19.43 PMSome occupations are really easy to describe. I met a woman the other day who explained she was an International Ice Skating coach – fascinating! I wanted to talk to her for hours simply because, who does that!?! What an amazing job! For many people however it’s really hard to explain what your actual ‘job’ is and it’s even harder for partners to describe what their better half does.

Over the weekend The Big Guy had to take a phone call from a client. He shooshed the children to be quiet as he took the all important phone call (all of his phone calls are very important, important, important and I’ve often thought they may just be a good excuse to escape the weekend duties of washing, cleaning, tidying, lawns etc.)  but I didn’t actually realize how important these calls were, I mean, he’s not saving lives or anything – but maybe he is. I listened to the phone call with fascination.

“What was that about?” I said

“Oh, I just had to deal with the duty manager for International Flights for [Insert massive airline name here] because they were diverting a plane to Dubai and had to get hold of one of the pilots, I was talking through a technical issue with them” He was very casual and blaze about it as if it were an everyday ‘thing’, you know, diverting planes and all that.

“What?!?!?!?!?!?” All of a sudden the Big Guy got a whole lot sexier.

I thought his company sent out SMS messages from hairdressers to confirm appointments or from dry cleaners to say their dry cleaning needed to be picked up. Maybe he really is saving lives?!?!

Having worked with hubby for 7 years in the same business and having been the MD of the company he now runs, I seriously thought I knew what he did that put the money in the bank each fortnight.

It was at that very point that I realized, I actually have no idea what he does all day. I mean, I know his job title but whenever he talks about his job he talks of closing million dollar deals with big clients, technical platforms, tech support and he talks a lot a bout a guy called Will. I think Will is his other wife. He keeps the home fires burning at work whenever I’m having a breakdown about a lizard that’s broken into the house.  God Bless you Will.

Over coffee with the girls this morning I wondered if I was the only person who had NO IDEA what hubby did on a daily basis so I quizzed my girlfriends about their husband’s occupation.  It appears that I’m not alone.

“He’s an accountant” said one. Nope he’s actually the Managing Director for Asia Pacific and runs a multi-million dollar business in multiple countries with countless staff and he travels a lot managing the business in various countries.

“Insurance” said another. With more probing, we worked out he too is a Managing Director running a high risk Insurance agency which he owns and operates with two other business partners.

“He’s an accountant but he works in insurance” said another. This hubby actually works for an agency who underwrites massive Insurance companies, million dollar deals and all that. His clients are all overseas and he travels a lot being very important and meeting with his very important clients.

“He’s an Anesthetist” said my friend. Finally an occupation we all understand. The issue here is that everyone loves their anesthetist so upon disclosing hubby’s occupation, conversation always turns to all things medical or horror stories about epidurals.  TMI.

“He’s a Project Manager” said another.The problem with Project Managers and Business Analysts is that they’re both occupations that can be stated with an exorbitant amount of confidence by those who work in this area. I’m fairly sure it’s because they both attract a fairly healthy salary and other people in their area of expertise know how important their role is in business. However, for us mere mortals, we simply think of project management as a few excel spreadsheets and great organizational skills. Not so…..but what on earth do they actually “do?”. We still couldn’t get to a conclusion on what these occupations involved.

For years when quizzed about hubby’s occupation one of my friends has told people her hubby is a Business Analyst working in Information Technology. Each time I hear her tell people he quickly quips back with “No I don’t!” She actually has no idea what he does or how he does it but she knows he uses the word ‘strategy’ a lot.

A family member living overseas knows her hubby’s title has International, Tax and Law in it. That itself is enough to spin the mind but forever and a day she’s simply described him as an International Man of Mystery because he spends 5 out of 7 days travelling. No one needs to know any more than that, least of all her!

After this discussion we then flipped the question. I asked the girls what they write on the forms you have to fill in when going overseas when you must list your ‘occupation?’ Keep in mind I was sitting with women who in their careers pre-babies were a Solicitor, Nurse, Advertising Executive and a Teacher. VERY INCREDIBLE women. They described their current careers as follows;

“ Cook, Pet Groomer, Sports Coach, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Personal Shopper, Event Coordinator, Stylist, Chief Economist, Transport Coordinator, Teacher, 24/7 First Aid Officer, Hairdresser, Arts and Craft teacher, Cleaner, Horticulturalist, Maintenance Coordinator, Laundry Service Officer, Call Centre operator, Cake Decorator, IT Helpdesk operator and home duties manager.

I wonder if we asked the guys what their wives did all day if they would give the same response! Nope, “just a Mum.”

I think I might give Will a call and see what hubby says I do all day, should be interesting!

What does your better half do for a living? Do you know?

Could you describe it in one sentence? Go!

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