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The weight game. How I lost 6kgs without trying.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 1.18.57 PMI have a well documented issue with reverse anorexia. It’s a condition where you look in the mirror on your way out to social events thinking you look only to see photos posted on social media and realizing you’re actually the size of a baby whale.

It’s not a healthy condition to have. Most will say it’s great to have that much confidence but I’m actually delusional. You would think the size of the clothing would give it away but no, not me, I actually cut the size tags OFF all my clothing so I’m never sure what size I’m wearing. It’s better that way.

After being diagnosed with a mental thyroid last year (apparently one in 4 mothers develop a thyroid problem post pregnancy), my Dr told me that I may gain weight. I think I heard “you have a medical issue, eat cheesecake”. The weight gain was off the scales, literally. SO off I went to the Australia’s best personal trainer who whooped my arse into shape. 3 months of running, walking, boxing and weights and I lost inches, about 10 kilos and felt great.  Then I stopped. Had stuff on, created excuses, Christmas was coming, Fun Fairs to organize, ANY EXCUSE to get out of exercise. I plateaued and stopped losing weight but didn’t put on any more so naturally congratulated self by eating more chocolate. AM slowly getting back into exercise with infrequent gym visits and a weekly netball game with fellow Mama bears and coaching Under 6 netball but let’s just say I’m not yet dedicating my every thought to exercise.

This week I once again saw pictures of self posted on social media. Fat arm syndrome was still there but the pics were slightly less offensive than those taken over the last few months. My alcoholic self loves a good selfie but most of the time I avoid being in photos like the plague so I really noticed the difference between ridiculously fat face pics and just happy fat face pics as there aren’t many pics of self ‘out there’.

After getting dressed this morning I put my on my sexiest leopard print pants  (you know, printed pants that you said you would NEVER wear, they’re now like a uniform for me, never take them off) and standard baggy black top and….it was swimming on me. Not just big but oversized. Something was wrong. Jumped on the scales and I have lost 6kgs. WITHOUT. EVEN. TRYING.

I know my own body, it’s not possible to drink like a fish, eat like a horse and graze like a cow and still lose that much weight…..unless you’re a 19 year old supermodel. So went to the Dr this morning. Thyroid is whack again. This time I have the skinny version of mental thyroid. Dr said “You may find you have sudden weight loss.” Um der……that’s why I’m here. He said between 6kg and 10kgs.  Whoop! 4 more free kilos could be up my sleeve. This time instead of hearing “You may find you have sudden weight loss” I heard   “If you don’t take advantage of this, it will be your loss”

SO with that in mind, I’m off to the gym, not going to let this advantage escape me!

It’s incredible how many mothers develop a thyroid problem post pregnancy – has anyone else got this condition? I feel like almost ever second person I talk to has it.

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