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Seriously, what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370?

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 4.55.54 PMSeriously, what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370?

We have some credit sitting with Qantas and we have to book for a new trip by May 1. Each week I’ve been taking imaginary holidays via my favourite site Trip Advisor to the most ridiculously overpriced dream resorts in the world to see if that’s where we should spend our $$$ in airfares. Usually we travel to Asia because the value for money for larger families makes it a very fancy holiday.

After the events of last week, I suspect that like many, I don’t want to go anywhere anymore.  

The frightening plight of Malaysian Airways MH370 has not been out of our thoughts since first reports of the plane disappearing first surfaced. The thought that a plane can simply disappear is beyond comprehension. It no doubt confirms to every single person on the planet who has a fear of flying that falling from the sky is a LEGITIMATE fear to have.

I have a number of questions however that I want answered because I cannot seem to find this information anywhere:

  • It’s suspected that the plane could have ‘disintegrated’ at 35,000 ft. Do they actually mean that a plane can blow up and have no debris or evidence of bodies? Can a plane actually disintegrate into just ash at 35,000ft? If so, what could cause this epic event? If it’s a bomb, how on earth can a bomb with that much power be allowed onto a plane in the first place?  If it’s the Rolls Royce engines, ditto – can they literally blow up everything on the plane?
  • With all the technology we have at our fingertips, how on earth can two people board a plane with false passports? I get locked out of online banking often enough to be impressed with their technology but far out, are they serious? How did two stolen passports NOT show up on the supposed wickedly technically advanced screening that we have at airports? Can we check on interpol if anyone has travelled in our name on our lost passports over the past few years?
  • How to you ‘lose contact’ with a plane? Surely with new fandangled technology someone, somewhere has access to where planes are at all times? My hubby can find me with the Find My iPhone thingy all the time, even when I don’t know where I am.  Is there no GPS tracking on airplanes even after an ‘incident’ happens? Surely a small indestructible GPS tracker with a beacon could have been embedded on planes in various spots on the plane? Even a go pro which sends images back? Surely? Anything.
  • The black box. If you’re like me and spend any time at all watching “Air Crash Investigation” (Bad move for those with a mild to serious fear of flying) then you will know that the black box is the most important piece of equipment on the plane. It’s made of indestructible airtight materials that hold all the flight data for the plane. I’ve asked previously why entire planes aren’t made of the black box materials and apparently it’s too heavy and would not get up in the air and far too expensive to further develop the materials to even try. BUT why does the black box not have a back up? Why can’t the black box send an email back or signal or fancy tecnology information back to head office or flight control and record the data elsewhere? I know it seems like a dumb question but seriously, we’re all told to back up our digital photos. Why aren’t they backing up the flight data so that we don’t have to go to the bottom of the ocean to find out what went wrong? Sure it’s a lot of data to collect Facebook has a lot of data to collect too.
  • Why have photo’s or video footage not been released of the two people travelling on the false passports? Surely someone knows these people? I suspect the lack of information about these two may heavily suggest that we’re looking at a terror attack of epic proportions and that their identities being released may alert the ring leaders.
  • Are authorities being evasive or do they really know as little as they proclaim? Is there any chance at all that the plane was hijacked and is now in some foreign country with hostages being held against their will? If they don’t know what happened to the plane with no GPS data to show its whereabouts, surely this is a possibility.It just seems to weird that in 2014 a plane simply disappears.

Am I the only person who is asking these questions or do you have a few more that need answers?

 Does anyone know the answers to my questions? 


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