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The latest scandal to hit our house: Chipgate

The offending chip packet

The offending chip packet

The world has finally gone MENTAL. I’ve been fighting the whole ‘Nude Food” idea for a while now (this is where schools are stipulating that all food comes to school without packaging to save the environment and the amount of space in their bins), I would personally like to save my children’s health by not double handling food or opening air tight packaging for the sake of saving the bins in schools because the rubbish has to be thrown out SOMEWHERE but whatever…that’s a different rant all together.

I just walked into pre-school to pick up Mr 3 and was told that “Management have requested your child no longer brings chips or chocolate flavoured snacks to pre-school”

I immediately thought that there was now a new chip/chocolate allergy I’d never heard of.

If I didn’t know the teacher so well, I would have been embarrassed and mortified and felt like the world’s worst mother but she is fortunately a friend as well as Mr 3’s teacher.

I looked at her and she had that “don’t scream at me, I’m just delivering the request” look on her face.

I internally combusted.

Really? Why? (I think she knew I may blow up a little) Apparently they’re unhealthy. Jeez, next they’ll be telling me that Rolls Ups aren’t “Real Fruit, Flat Out”. DER……I KNOW THEY’RE NOT HEALTHY AND I AM OKAY WITH THAT.

This is my allergy kid. He already has a diet so healthy that even I envy his daily food choices but we’re limited by his snacks because of the emulsifier reaction thingy he has. At pre-school, we have to provide three ‘meals’ for the kids:


Morning tea usually a piece of fruit and a tiny squeezy yogurt because his allergies can’t really handle more dairy than that.


Lunch is always a roll with vegemite or ham and cheese. He also gets a carrot or piece of celery.

Afternoon tea is his treat, either a pack of chips, 2 x Oreo biscuits or some type of carb loaded snack to get him through to dinner. .

His afternoon tea is the ONLY crap he eats all day and I purposely put the crap snack in at the END of the day so that any sugar overload is something I have to deal with rather than the kindy teachers having to pull him off a carb high after morning tea.

Can’t breathe I’m so angry about this.

Yes, I know.  CALM DOWN. IT’S. ONLY. A. PACKET. OF. CHIPS. But now I’m going to bang on about principles.

Correct me if I’m wrong but we should be allowed to feed our kids whatever we want shouldn’t we? Unless there’s a life threatening allergy that will affect another child and then I’m sure we’re all happy to follow the rules of no nuts/eggs etc.

It’s bad enough with all the judgy judgersons judging the food that goes into our children’s mouths but now we’re copping it from pre-school too – ugh. It would be interesting to see if others judged once they tried to feed 5 kids with completely different tastes and allergies to certain foods. Once you’re onto a good thing, believe me, you stick to it.

Personally, I couldn’t give a damn what other kids eat. Nor would I judge their parents. Oh, unless the kid has a medical condition. When parents are dumb and feed their kids the wrong food that will affect a medical condition, I do judge. Sorry – yes, hypocrite. Must never say “I would never”…..

To quote a friend who just wrote to me about this matter: “It’s a bit ridiculous. It’s being approached the wrong way. There’s a big difference between a kid bringing a packet of chips as an afternoon treat and a kid who brings left over Maccas for lunch”

Seriously, if management were there when my daughter attended, they would have called DOCS and had an intervention, a meeting and home visit over the crap that was in her daily lunches. She doesn’t believe in healthy so my pride over Mr 3’s diet is off the scales.

19 grams of chips is all those packs contain. We’re banning 19grams of chips? I have the lunches fairly sorted as 20 divides by 5 rather nicely thank you very much.  It also works out at 25c per packet. Cheap treat if you ask me. This is the only crap this child eats all day. Now I have to find the recipe for frigging Tofu and Falafel burgers as the kid is allergic to everything else and…..honestly, how much fruit can one kid eat before they turn into an apple tree?

Miss 6 has just told me she gave up pasta for Lent (WTF?). I was cooking pasta with amazing amounts of hidden veges in the sauce for dinner. She can have chips. Mr 3 isn’t going to need them


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