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Someone just asked me what I believe in……here’s what I believe…..

Just received a call from a luxury brand wanting to advertise on The Mum Network. Impressive – uh huh. The call went like this;


Advertiser: “We’re thinking of working with you but we want to know what you stand for, your beliefs and your causes.”

Me: “Um ok, can you elaborate?”

Advertiser: “Well other blogs and women’s websites take a strong stance in favour of feminism or they sway politically to the left or they take on women’s causes, what are your beliefs?”

Me: “Ok, never thought about that, let me come back to you. Actually, I may just blog about it, good topic – check the site and I’ll let you know”

So it got me thinking, what do I believe in? If The Mum Network was a person, what would she believe in?

Here goes, in no particular order:

  • I believe in human rights.
  • I believe in family.
  • I believe in equality, for men and women.
  • I believe that in 2014 no child in our world should suffer from hunger, thirst or having no shelter.
  • I believe that an Opposition party are as important as The Government in power to ensure they keep each other honest.
  • I believe that a life sentence shouldn’t mean 25 years, it should mean life.
  • I believe in protecting our children from evil is our duty.
  • I believe nurses and teachers should be paid more money.
  • I believe in protecting our natural resources, national parks and especially The Great Barrier Reef.
  • I believe our farmers are the backbone of our nation
  • I believe the carers allowance for those caring for our disabled, those who are frail, aged or with a mental condition needs to be raised.
  • I believe the pension for the elderly needs to be raised
  • I believe families need financial support to afford both parents to work when they have young children.
  • I believe dental and eyecare should be bulk billed.
  • I believe no woman should have to live in fear of a man due to physical or verbal abuse.
  • I believe that our tax system is fair and reasonable as long as the Government do the right thing with our money and don’t waste it
  • I believe that women have every right to do any job a man can do as long as they are the best person for the job.
  • I believe companies should be allowed to make money for their shareholders as long as they’re always looking after their staff and customers first and foremost and not at their expense.
  • I believe that airplanes don’t just fall out of the sky undetected
  • I believe the most important person in a young boys life is their father or a male role model who can teach them how to be a great man.
  • I believe little girls deserve to be told they are beautiful, worthy, talented and are able to be whatever they want to be.
  • I believe political correctness is out of control.
  • I believe in everyone’s right to practice their faith or have no faith at all. Each to their own.
  • I believe gay marriage should be legal
  • I believe everyone should give something to charity at least once a year, a little or a lot, whatever you can afford.
  • I believe I don’t have the brain power to solve the issues surrounding boat people, refugees and illegal immigrants but everyone deserves a chance to be free from persecution.
  • I believe judging someone for the choices they make results in karma coming back to bite you.


I also believe Chupa Chups lolly pops are the hardest bloody thing to open and I have no idea why they haven’t changed the packaging.


So there you have it – this could obviously go on for pages and pages but that’s what I believe in today. This list could change from time to time depending on the mood I am in.


What do you believe in?

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