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I used to run the 1900 and 0055 Psychic Phone lines!

A long, long time ago (before the dinosaurs roamed earth) I used to run the 0055 and 1900 lines that you called to get a psychic reading (don’t laugh, it was a wonderfully reputable job and helped many people through unsure times) and at $4.95 per minute it made our company a lot of money. We had a rule, no sex lines SO GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER.


At the time I was a self confirmed skeptic.


Despite this I did have to listen to Athena Starwoman (rest in peace dear lady, she was so much fun), Jessica Adams and Jonathan Cainer come into the office or record over the phone and bang on each week about my future, all with different predictions. I often wondered why they couldn’t tell me who I would marry or what the lottery numbers the following week would be but whatever…..I was always going to find love and have great career opportunities, that was enough. They were good times and especially the magazine covers where we put a magical Athena Starwoman card on the cover of Woman’s Day which if you rubbed it HARD, it would give you some kind of magical something or other…..good times were had and MANY laughs but always treated our friends with respect.


After many meetings with my friends the psychics, one day Jessica Adams walked into our office. She stopped at one of the girls in my team and mentioned her mother was there, in a blue dress, with balloons, he mother wanted her to know “she was there”.  Immediate tears from our colleague. She was overwhelmed with emotion.


We later found out that not long before she joined us, she had lost her Mum. Upon her passing the family had dressed her in her favourite blue dress.  Her sister got married soon after and the family had placed balloons on the bridal table in memory of their Mum. Her Mum was there, she had seen the balloons.


Weird huh.


I wasn’t a believer at that time but I sure as hell took notice. That was information that Jessica just could not have known. After that, I listened a little more each time she told me someone was sitting on my shoulder, which she told me often.


Years later my business partner, who had a hotline to her clairvoyant, came to me and said “She’s told me she’s seen massive warehouses with boxes of product everywhere. It’s massive and just rows and rows of product in China. It will be the biggest product the Australian market has ever seen and it’s got nothing to do with babywear”. At the time we were running our own business producing baby wear and baby manchester, we were doing well but there’s no way there was going to be warehouses full of the stuff.  I dismissed her obsession with the clairvoyant as something she just wanted to hear.


Unbelievably, three years later, my business partner and I went onto create the highest selling children’s toy in Big W, Target and Kmart in 2009 and 2010.  She called me from China and sent me photos, there was 93,000 units and WAREHOUSES FULL of these products. Uh huh.


I was no longer a skeptic. I wasn’t a believer but that was just WEIRD.


I’m still not sure what I believe when it comes to psychics but I think it’s a little like gut instinct. You know that feeling you get when you have to do something, make a decision, something doesn’t feel right or you decide not to go ahead with something – anything really but your gut feeling is usually in control? That’s how I roll.


During my life I’ve always been a good decision maker. This isn’t a confidence thing, it’s based on a genuine feeling I get in my gut where something just does or doesn’t feel like the right thing to do and I just know which decision to make. It’s rare that I waiver or doubt my decisions because this feeling is so strong. This worked out well for me tonight when I realized a decision I made about the kids religious education paid off in a massive way – another great decision.  TICK.


Maybe I am a little bit psychic?!?!?


Whilst sitting in a very important meeting today. I had to essentially sell myself. I’ve not had to do this for a while as being at home with kids, you don’t have to tell them why you’re a great Mum. I’m so up myself that I simply add it to the end of each sentence when correcting them “What’s that? Didn’t you mean ‘Thank you Mum, you’re the best Mum in the whole wide world?”.  During today’s very important meeting I was asked how I make decisions and what my process is.


“Um, I just follow my gut. I’m really big on gut instinct”




What about you? Are you a little bit psychic? Do you follow your gut instinct? 

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