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Lost in Translation – when a toddler gets the wrong message

You’ve seriously gotta love kids. My sister had to run some errands today so I volunteered to take her two little girls who are like the twin equivalent to my two youngest boys. The excitement has been building all week and the bribery to behave in preparation for today’s playdate has worked a treat. Currently I have 3 out of 4 asleep and my three year old is upstairs pretending to sleep because I told him Santa was at the front door to check on him (too early?).


On our way to pick up the little ones Mr 3 asked me to call The Big Guy. The conversation went like this:


Mr 3: “Dad, can you come home and play with us today because our cousins are coming over?

Big Guy: “Sorry buddy, I can’t, I’m not allowed to because I have to stay at work and make some money, they won’t let me come home during the day.”

Mr 3: “Ok Dad”


I thought that was the end of that but cue the tears “Dad’s NEVER coming home because the work people said he’s not allowed to” There were real tears and he honestly thought Dad was never allowed to come home. We had to call the Big Guy back and get some clarification.


Once we picked up the girl cousins the conversation in the back of the car went something like this:


Mr 3: “My Dad is locked up at work and he’s not allowed to come home”

Miss 3: “Why?”

Mr 3: “Because he has no money”

Miss 3: “Aww, that’s ok, we have lots of money. Do you want me to give you some”

Mr 3: “Yeah, that would be good because then Dad would be allowed to come home”


Poor little bugger is convinced that Dad is being held hostage and that he has no money.


I then asked both three year olds what they thought their Dad’s did at work all day.


Mr 3: “My Dad goes to work in his car and he does meetings and goes to Melbourne”

Miss 3: “Well my Dad does lots of jobs,  he is very busy”

“Miss 3, what do you think he does?”

Miss 3: “I think he has a lot of coffee” 


When I asked them what they thought their Mum’s did all day, the answers were different again:


Mr 3: “You do the computer and cooking and sometimes you do yelling Mum”

Miss 3: “My Mum makes the beds all day, that’s all she does. Then I jump on them and she makes them again”


I think it’s time to educate the little ones on what we do all day as I read in Mr 9’s English workbook the other day that “Dad works very hard and Mum just stays at home and looks after Harry”…….if only they knew!


Do your kids know what your jobs is?

If you explained it would they understand?

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